Thursday, May 19, 2011

21st part 1

the day I have been waiting came at last !!!!!
the end of semester 4 final examination and 3 months apart from forest!!!!!
just tidied my room and packed my stuffs~~~
*sneezing due to the dust*

I am free to blog about my 21st birthday at last=)
this semester final is indeed super stress~
I cried almost every day (>.<)
6 law papers in 10 days is indeed suffering !!!!
3 hours of sleepness the day before a paper n cannot sleep well~
anyway, forget bout it now
time for me to relax, have fun n sleep as much as I can !!!!

my 21st pendant^^
back to my 21st~
it falls on the day before criminal paper
so, it is basically a very ordinary day where I spent most of the time memorizing cases.....
n replying birthday wishes^^

as I have mentioned before,
had a suprise from sweet unimates~
they "broke in" my room at 12am and whispered a birthday song//.....
touched !!! *teary teary eyes~~~~~~
they stayed in my room for about 15 minutes and I received 21 kisses from them~

I seldom camwhore during this exam period
here goes ~~~ with a smile since I am officially 21st~ kekez~

gifts from Ivy sis n Mummy MJ
lovely rite?
sweets to cheer me up^^
angry bird card n spaghetti top from Ivy~

n before the clock strikes 12 to 15th of May....which is the end of my birthday~
roommate gave me a suprise !!!!
so sweet of her~~~~~
she kept this thingy in her cupboard before she went home and asked me to check it out hours later~~~~
21 sweets, my fav milky, keychain and a handmade card^^

end of part one~ love u guys so much~
for giving me a sweet 21st in forest^^
hearts u gals alot~~~~


Wei Xiong said...

wow~ i hope that i will get many kisses as you in the future. haha. hope that you will get good result :-)

chocz-dreamland said...

hahaz~ u ll^^ from ur dear...kekez.... thanks~ same goes to u^^

Wei Xiong said...