Wednesday, June 30, 2010

laSt pOst aboUt pAris

been delaying my post about Paris...
so, this is the last one =)
the last day = rainy day
super bad weather......

the little hotel I have been staying for 4 nitez....

spent the day at Montmartre~
a very nice, serene place.........n lots of artists there !

this road caught my attention as it is fulled with people !

walked till the end.... n this is wat I get^^
no wonder there are lots of people there =)
Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
a church located on top of a hill=)


and the view from there~~~~
if it's not raining, you can see the city of Paris =)

tea break~~~~ yummy~~~ yum yum~~~~~

my lunch~~~~ bread again~~~~ XD
well~ I am a bread lover too~ so, ll nvr sick of them^^

*munch munch*
visited a special place after lunch~~~~
found this place at last !!!!
Le Passe-muraille
a statue by Marcel Ayme
cute =)

Le Bateau Lavoir
a place where lots of famous artists n poets stay before^^

Place du Tertre
most crowded place at Montmartre
a place where lots of artists gathered at during the 19th century~~~~
now... it is also full with artists^^

but then the painting are kinda expensive~~~
thus, unable to bring any of it home...=(

lots of Coffee shop =)
n I love this scene so much~~~~
it's really relaxing....
a cold weather, fresh air....
sitting there with a cup of coffee... observing passerby...

basically, the 3rd day went on slowly n nicely...
shopped for some souvenirs...
enjoyed the Paris rain XD
had a French style dinner~~~~~
with a glass of white wine^^
Love wine =)

name of the restaurant ~ Palace Cafe

happy n excited me~
can't wait for the dinner~~~~

bro's lamb chop~~~~
slurrrppp~~~~~ BIG portion!!!!

n this is MINE....=.=
mussels.... damn it.... I should have know what is mussels.....
I ordered the wrong food.....
I DON'T EAT mussels.....T.T
dinner ruined...... sob sob......
such a big pot !

ewww... I HATE IT......
I ate only 10+ of it....
wanna puke !
I rather eat bread.... =(

so, this is my supper =)
Nutella crepe ^^

END of Paris trip~~~~~
=) pretty city, lots of cuties..... XD
I love a vacation without tour guide ^^

au revoir =)

"are you aware of what you make me feel, baby?
right now I feel invincible to you
like I am not real... " Avril~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hiS 21st pArty

it's his 21st bIrthday party on the 26th of June, on a Saturday~
n it's his birthday today~
Happy birthday my dear ~ muacckzz.... =) hope you are always happy~

hmmm~ not much picture to share here since not much picture is taken by me...
n most of the picture are his relatives, friends... etc...
no point for me to share those pic here rite?
n some of the pic are in Vicky's camera and also his camera...

a camwhore of myself before the party starts and before I look messy =)
a shirt I got from Sg.... ^^

a picture of him with the 1st gift I presented to him~~~~
hope you ll feel as sweet as the gifts larhz... =P

been accompanying KH n Nicole during the night as they don't know mine n his friends...
really happy that they made it to come that nite =)
hope they are not bored le....

thus, didn't have much time to chat with the others.... ><

here comes the birthday cake form RT Pastry~ mentioned before in PY's blogs =)
I did my job again as a birthday cake cutter....XD

a picture of us^^

the night ended with him playing games with his bros....
n ended up an entertaining cute clown=the drunk him XD

thanks to Desmond for sending me home that nite^^

Monday, June 28, 2010


a 3D2N trip~ a budget trip~
accommodation = FOC cause Desarine is staying in JB~
it's a very relaxing n simple trip~
my last visit to Singapore? more than 10 years I guess~
can't remember how Singapore looks like !

4 of us, KH, his gal-Nicole, Desarine n me =)
so, we reached JB by evening on the 21st of June~
went to Sg by bus~
enjoyed the night view of the modern island~

Orchard road~
famous for branded goods~

cute design~
they are kid's paintings~

Marina Bay~

it's kinda pretty here due to the lightings~~~
nice place for couples~

Casino !
and we r still underage ~ gd thing cause it proves that we are still young =P
end of the 1st day~

2nd day~
reached Sg at 2pm~ we went there by bus again~
travel around the island with MRT~

here we go~Sentosa Island ~~~~
in the train~
golden hair =)

visited the underwater world~
the entrance fee is expensive~~~~
n we are kinda regret for going in cause the underwater world is kinda small~

my 1st time to touch a starfish ! =) cute....

stingray~~~~ dangerous creature that kills Mr.crocodile....

fishes...... pretty~~~~

a 5 minutes pink dolphin show... =.=

my favorite~~~ LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
wonder how it feels like to touch them.... ><

pretty larhz....


underwater world~~~~

4 of us~~~

went for this after a simple dinner~
Desarine didn't join us as she ad watched it a lot of times d~
her dear came to meet up with her~

waiting for the sky to turn dark...

show starts ! =) amazing ~~~~

had a great time~
then had a walk around the Sentosa island...
well.... 2 couples around me... making me feeling so LONELY...><
the merlion~~~
purple =)

this place is in my memory~~~~ the only thing I remember when I came to Sg 10 years ago~

didn't go into Universal Studio~
visited the chocolate shop opposite it~
big chocz bar ! can I have a bite ? =)
bought the huge kisses chocz home^^
a tired day as we walked a lot !
Msia custom to Sg is very spacious.... so damn huge... have to walk a lot... =.=

3rd day~
went to Bugis~
had some shopping there~ got myself some lovely stuffs^^
basically, not much about the 3rd day~
it was a rainy day~~~~
hang out at Takashimaya a while as KH wanted to get a pen~

end of the Sg trip~
home at 2.30am~~~~
thanks a lot to Desarine n family for the nice treatment at JB =)

this trip was suppose to be more than 4 of us~
suppose to meet up another 3 coursemates but we don't have the fate and time =(
enjoyed the trip~~~

Nothin' On You
beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
they got nothin' on you baby
nothin' on you baby
they might say hi and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say
cause they got nothin' on you baby
nothin' on you baby

Friday, June 25, 2010


the super sweet cupcakes and card for dad on daddy's day~ =)

my belated birthday gift from Ice n others^^ thanks a lot~~~~

too busy these few days~~~~
upcoming post : singapore trip , dear's birthday , hiking ~~~~~~~