Friday, June 11, 2010

outSkirt of pAris

back to the blog post about the trip at last~ =)
went outskirt on the 2nd day as it is a Tuesday~
mOst of the museums in Paris are closed on the day, included Musee du Lourve

this is an amazing place~
Chateau de Versailles~ it's a palace ! a very big and pretty palace~~

took a metro train to the town and changed to a RER train to the place~
damn lots of tourists on the train~ super crowded ! without air conditioner=> SWEAT like hell...

well, reached there at last =)
you can choose to take up a tour with guide or just explore it yourself^^
teen under 18 is FOC~ why am I so old??? =(
so, let's have a view at the amazing place^^
it's really very big~
btw, it's very sunny that day~ but still, with cold wind around~

at the Golden main gate~
palace is in it^^

took the chance to camwhore when lining up to buy tickets~

half of my face with half of the scenery~ XD

the buildings architectural is just too nice~

tiny me~ compare to it~ hehez

time to go in =)
one of the chapels~

corridor fulled with statues~

there are lots of paintings in there~
lots of French masterpieces~
Just love this one a lot~ cause the gal seems so pretty n alive^^

I wonder how they paint such a big painting~~~~ n how long it takes to finish it?

the great Hall of Mirrors
it's very pretty ! with mirrors on ur left, nice chandeliers on ur top, n super amazing ceiling paintings.....

one of the bedrooms~ queen's bedroom
dreamy n classic~ ^^

lots of things to explore in the palace~ it's really very big~
there's also a huge gardens out there~ beside it~
need an entrance fee to visit it~ so, I took pic from the palace~ =p
cause don't feel like wasting money to visit greeneries~
it's pretty too~

surely get sun burn if I walk at the garden =p

behind this garden, 2 more palaces there~
didn't go in cause u need to pay for it~ n there's transport to bring u there~
~ the compound of this entire place is super big~ kinda tiring if u wanna walk^^
so, it's time to say bye^^
took a picture with the statue of King Louis XIV~ yea~ his palace~

back to the Paris town~
visited Notre Dame de Paris~
a gothic masterpiece

this cathedral has very nice stained glass windows...
n the towers is also allowed for visit to admire the spire, great bells...

nice stained-glass right?

oh ya, I got a 3 scoops of Haagen-Dazs to made myself shiver~ lol
slurrp~~~ yummy~ it is slightly more expensive than buying it in Msia

this is what we had for lunch and dinner~ McD~ =)
cause my bro love their burgers so much ><
it costs about RM100 a meal for my family~

a nice view~
Hotel de Ville~ not sure if visitors are allowed to visit it cause it's ad very late when we are there~

random picture~
while crossing the bridge^^

simply walked around~~
passed by the train station dad came 20+ years ago~
(train station behind me)

n walked back to our hotel~ hehez~
cause we have decided not to take train~
it was drizzling....=) no more sunny~
it's already dark after our dinner and it's time to rest^^

night life at Paris = lots of bars around~~~~~~

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