Monday, June 14, 2010


on the way~~~~
a Restaurant I have always wanted to go since I have heard so much about it^^
this little dream came true at last~
thanks to my uncle for the treat^^

so, 2 families + the uncle~
had a great time with them~
I really ate a lot ! can't believe I can eat so much~~~~~

well, basically~ pictures ll do better than words~
lots of choices~ =)
I was there for 4 hours....XD

oh ya~ it has a promotion~
pay for 2 persons free for a person~ means buy 2 free 1~


the well known drink~ I drank 5 of it...

some vege~

my favourite~ sashimi !

red and white wine~ =)

desserts !!!! =)

well~ I didn't eat this la~ disgusting~ I hate shell stuffs~~~~=s

didn't give a damn care of my PMS...XD

VIP special~ looks cute^^

posing with it =)

cutie cousin~

it has ended at last~ full n satisfy ^^

my dressing for the day~ maxi dress =)


p/s: it's the 1st time I put on some eye shadow tat I bought it recently.... trying to learn how to put on eye shadow~ pic aren't tat obvious....

*end* =)

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