Thursday, June 10, 2010

kIwI =S

well, kinda busy recently~ till I don't have the time to update my blog~
so, worked for 3 days at TESCO near my house~
just took up that job in a sudden and thinking of trying something new and get some money~~~
it's about giving out samples....
base on my title of this post, guess you can guess what I did....
giving out Kiwi fruits samples.... =s
Kiwi is one of my favorite fruit~ but during the 3 days of working, I didn't even eat a piece of it!
XD cause I think it's disgusting after facing it too much~~~~
this is the Kiwi fruits that I have cut and present it to customers~
praise me !!!!!
I never cut Kiwi at HOME....
and because of money, I did that.... I cut 100+ of Kiwi in 3 days.... PRAISE ME ! =p
a PRO now ~ LOL

a new experience~~~~

as the conclusion, I will not take up this job again~ kinda tiring cause I got to stand for 7 hours and smile to customers all the time~ XD

bye bye Kiwi~

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