Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1st day in de ciTy =)

Paris~ it's always my dream place since I was young~
have always thought that this will be my ideal honeymoon place with my future hubby XD
after years of dreaming...
Get the chance to explore this city at last, at 20 yrs old~
so, guess I gt to change my ideal honeymoon place? =p
Venice perhaps????

and so, the story begins after a 12 hours flight =)
damn tiring~ can't sleep well in the plane...
n the time at Paris with Msia has a difference of 6 hours...
so, it means when it's 12am at here, it's only 6pm at there... and I was still busy exploring the city =)

damn excited =p
camwhore in the RER train while it is heading from the CDG airport to the town centre =)
the train ticket cost 8.40Euro per person

met a good samaritan who can speak English and showed us way out from the largest train station in Europe~ thanks a lot to her~
btw, our hotel is located opposite the train station~
I booked this hotel on the net... it's not some sort of 5 stars hotel cause that ll cost rm9000 for my family... it's just a nice and simple hotel which is ok for a 4 nites stay^^
behind us, it's a tunnel towards the Metro(trains in the town)

love the public transport system in Paris~
they uses trains a lot~ it's damn convenient ^^
normally, when we travel in the town, Metro will do~
it cost 1.60 Euro per person no matter which station your r going =)

if u know me well~ u ll know this
whenever I travel with my family, we never join tours( other than China)
it's better to explore the place ourselves~ cheap and you will know the place better~
and I really love this idea ! =)

this time, the planner is ME =)
hahaz~~~~~ happy and excited larhz...
once I got the map from the airport, can't stop looking at it to figure out where to visit^^
the city is not that big~ you will not lost as long as you have a map~

the 1st place to explore^^
yea babe~ Arc de Triomphe
get down from the station : Charles de Gaulle Etoile

love this kind of old building a lot^^
they r just very amazing n nice =)
it must be very common for the people there since they are facing these kind of buildings every day~

there's a museum in it~ up here
that explains the long queue~
just took some pic with family and we headed towards another place

this picture is taken from Avenue Des Champs-Elysees
it's a very long street with a lot of people and a lot of branded shops along !!!!
it's my 1st time to visit a Europe country with so many tourist... it's scary... XD
well~ perhaps summer is near...that's why ppl love to travel~
Paris is really a city full with tourists =)

oh ya~ forgotten to mention the weather~ it's spring~~~~ N i THOUGHT it is cold.... =.=
the wind is cooling... but the it's damn sunny~ so, that explains why am I wearing so much even though it looks sunny^^
sun really kills me~almost melt... I hate it a lot.... it's burning my skin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ but the ppl there said : today is a good day!
they were enjoying sun tan while having lunch/coffee

there's some sort of plant exhibition at the street too~
lots of ppl were taking pic~
so, I was curious and went forward~ this is an example of what I saw~
I guess in Msia, there's too much of this, that's why I feel nothing special ^^

as I have mentioned~
LV~ if you are a fan of it~ you should visit it~
latest bag from the brand =)
and well~ I can't afford it duh~ so, just a pic will do^^

or else, interested in a brand where lots of Royalties love? eg, the late Princess Diana~
the price of one pair of earrings can make me suffocated XD

after walking through the street, there's a place with lots of stalls around~
it's damn crowded and fulled with people~
I wonder is this place always that crowded or is it because of the exhibition ?

there are ppl singing~ this is very nice^^

and I had my first meal at Paris~
baguette as lunch =) with some cheese in the middle~
well~ it cost a lot when u change it to our country's currency~
3.50Euro for one~
well~ I am a bread gal.... so, I love it! =p

ppl buying breads~~~~
seems super yummy to me but didn't buy la ><

the museum next to the crowded place~
didn't visit it either, cost 8 euro per person~~~~

then, reached the next destination at last =)
two museums opposite each other~
they are very huge and pretty museums....

Petit Palais

Grand Palais

the inner side from peeking through the window =p
didn't visit it either~
entrance fees to these kind of places are way too expensive if you wanna explore all of them~
hope I have the time and money to explore them one day^^

continued the walk~
Place de la Concorde
this thingy is in the middle where 2 fountains beside it^^

lovely fountain rite?

then, Medeleine Church =)

Very nice interior =)
lots of churches in Paris~~~

oh ya~
this is how their PUBLIC TOILET looks like XD
just found it cute and took a pic of it =p
they also have other kind of PT which is in the middle in the street... with a press on the button and u can go in~ only a person~ ^^

crossed the river to another side of the city~
it's pretty anyway^^

another museum =)
Musee d' Orsey
it's a very nice buliding too~
once again~ I didn't visit it either =(
well~ there are too many museums in Paris... it's impossible to visit all of them if you are only in Paris for a few days^^

one of the bridge~ which is kinda pretty^^

towards the Napoleon Palace =)
it closes at 5pm~
I was there at 4.45pm =p
oh ya~ see the ppl there???? enjoying sun tan while I kept on finding trees to hide myself from the sun exposure... ><

it's very big and huge and very pretty !

it's also a museum~
didn't pay to enter the exhibition part~
so, just had a walked in it where we don't have to pay^^

a closer look at how nice is the building~
every of it is different~
I wonder how the ancient ppl did these.... amazing rite?

at last !
the last place for the day =)
icon of the city~

saw it with my bare eyes at last^^
before we head towards it, went for dinner~
ended up at their little supermarket~
water selling in it is so much cheaper than we bought it at the tourist places of shops...
normally, a 500ml bottle of water is sell at 2euro=RM8+ =.= while coke, 3euro = RM12+
so, can u imagine how expensive it is? ><

so, my dinner was just simple, breads =)
well~ I am not enjoying my life there~ main purpose is to explore the city~ vacation^^
I rather save up the money to eat nicely back in Msia^^

aha~ Eiffel Tower ! =)
walked towards it~
walked through it~
walked passed it~

damn long queue !!!! 2 of the entrance are closed....
left 2 entrance only~
so, was kinda lazy to get on the queue and don't feel like going up the tower either~
so, ended up, didn't get to the top~

went to the Palace de Chaillot which is opposite the tower
picture taken from the palace^^
I love the colour of the sky with some clouds by the tower^^
it's really pretty~

rested and took some picture from there~

the view of Effiel Tower from the palace is nice^^

ppl playing roller blades, flying plates....
some ppl having picnic at the grass~
sweet couple kissing~
I love this kind of scenery a lot =)

waited for the sky to turn dark till I wanna sleep d... ><
since it is near to summer~
Paris is bright from at around 5am till 10pm =.=
this is taken at 9.30pm~~~~~
was thinking deep in my heart : turn dark la plz.... I wanna go back to rest d....
you can take a cruise~ but I didn't join it~ must be expensive =p

the reason to wait till the sky turn dark~~~
because ~~~~~
I want to SEE this =)
how Effiel Tower looks at night after being lighted up =)
the moment I have been waiting came at last !
this was at 10pm~

awww~~~ LOVELY !!!! =)
end of the 1st day~

thanks for spending ur time to read this super long post~ ^^

l'amour de moi =)

a short video of the tower which is being "blink" for a 5 minutes only^^

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