Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hiS 21st pArty

it's his 21st bIrthday party on the 26th of June, on a Saturday~
n it's his birthday today~
Happy birthday my dear ~ muacckzz.... =) hope you are always happy~

hmmm~ not much picture to share here since not much picture is taken by me...
n most of the picture are his relatives, friends... etc...
no point for me to share those pic here rite?
n some of the pic are in Vicky's camera and also his camera...

a camwhore of myself before the party starts and before I look messy =)
a shirt I got from Sg.... ^^

a picture of him with the 1st gift I presented to him~~~~
hope you ll feel as sweet as the gifts larhz... =P

been accompanying KH n Nicole during the night as they don't know mine n his friends...
really happy that they made it to come that nite =)
hope they are not bored le....

thus, didn't have much time to chat with the others.... ><

here comes the birthday cake form RT Pastry~ mentioned before in PY's blogs =)
I did my job again as a birthday cake cutter....XD

a picture of us^^

the night ended with him playing games with his bros....
n ended up an entertaining cute clown=the drunk him XD

thanks to Desmond for sending me home that nite^^

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