Sunday, October 31, 2010


damn long queue at the Puchong outlet BR
it's 31st again and I am in TOWN ~~~ yeah !!!
thanks to babe for the treat =)

love ice-cream
love you^^

the Halloween party

trick or treat ?

we drew on our face and had a small celebration for the day =)
snacks, drinks, chatting~

eyeballs cocktail jelly made by Jacq^^

cheers everyone ^^

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Talking To The Moon

"Do you ever hear me calling?
Cause every night
I'm talking to the moon
Still trying to get to you "

Friday, October 29, 2010

sushi =)

a short break ^^
damn happy to see from bird's eye view of paddy fields changing to high rise buildings ~~~~
yeah~ I am back to town during this semester's study week

study week = have to do revision
so, I ll play hard and study hard too....hehehehehhee
*actually, I am damn stress and worry cause the next paper is accounting and criminal law....=(

zanmai with babe in the noon and I got my maxis and digi sim cards...
gonna get a new phone very soon, will not be anything expensive cause I am Miss Clumsy...
hope the new one will not be stolen

btw~ it's the 15th month with babe~♥ ya^^ ...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FIGHT for it !

I had a 3 hours nap after class....
hu... WHY am I so sleepy?
I must fight for u, business law !!!!!!!
I can do it !

pei voon~ try ur best~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, October 23, 2010


just had a "spaghetti fest"
a farewell dinner with the gonna graduate seniors from christian cell group
seniors cooked lots of spaghetti and a big bucket of sago + honeydew juice
super duper full^^

it's my 1st time to join them and indeed I enjoyed the night
had fun!
the 1st and last time with some of em
we chatted a lot till midnite....
learnt a lot from them^^
cherish the night~
I will appreciate every moment in my uni life =)

28th of Oct....


Friday, October 22, 2010


why am I so clumsy............................

it's such a bad bad day for me..................

*heart aching bcoz of U*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

an escape to LangKawi =)

an escape to an island on a weekend^^
mission: to meet up with 5 charming guys XD

thanks to my dear unimates that accompanied me to the jetty and had a nice dinner with em^^

my 1st time to be on a ferry to Langkawi and being alone at nite ><"
it's kinda BORING and it's damn hot !
oh ya... the ferry moves like a snail too.......=.=
reached there at 9.30pm and babe was waiting for me at the jetty^^
hopped in to the white Avanza and headed back to our condo~
basically, the night is just about drinking and chatting~

island hopping early in the morning on the 2nd day^^
camwhore in the car^^ love~~~

five charming guys~

1 cute gal~me~LOL

1st stop~pregnant lady island~
can u see it?=)
we went to the lake and had sun tan a while~

a super cute gurl in the same boat with us^^
love her hair so DAMN much !!!!!

2nd stop~ eagle island....
lots of eagle on top of us but too BAD I can't touch them XD

last stop ! beach ~~~~~~

they were busy building a human castle while I were searching for seashells^^
human castle~
-attracts lots of tourist to take pic with....=p

I love beach and sea^^

had a great time with u guys!

suppose to go for cable car for a view from the top after lunch time~
too bad for the bad weather =(
the guys took a lot of candid pictures there while I was busy window shopping^^
babe bought me a nice batik~thanks !!!

we spent the evening at a beach again~ Pantai Cenang
the sunset is nice~
it happens in a few seconds only and I didn't manage to capture the pretty moment.....

and the 3rd day = shopped for liquor and my favourite CHOCOLATES !!!!!!=)
camwhore^^ in the batik~

some souvenirs for friends^^

a great time and trip with u guys and babe~ =D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

crazEE of chocz

I went to Langkawi again after 12 years^^

crazee of the chocolates !!!!
spent a lot on em !!!!
and I ll be gaining weight.....
don't care ! slurrrpppp~~~~~~~
part of it~^^
love it love it !!!
my favourite---->
love love~~~~~~=)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


a drama I love a lot recently !!!=)
right after all those busy activities, I managed to spare out time for drama ^^
super cute guy !!!!!!!!!!!
and super cute gurl too! she is plain yet pretty~~~~
~ love their soundtrack too~~~~~
highly recommended for those who haven't watch it^^

Sunday, October 10, 2010

DL + dUnnoP

lazy to blog~
so, pictures speaks^^
happened on 5th of oct 2010
a DL lunch for those who got it for the previous semester^^
it's FOC^^
my 1st time to attend and I do hope there's another time again~
it was a great one^^
jia you !

right after that, spent the evening and night with my bunch of gals at Dunnop, border of Thai~
just to munch some pork and nicer food compared to those in hostel
I was wearing formal-lazy to change=p
the consequences----> become Siam gurl.....=.=
had a great day XD

it's our 1st time to walk into Thai^^
had a super DUPER spicy tomyam dinner... which I can barely eat....
then snacks time !!!! pork burger in their 7 eleven~
super nice light green guava-my favourite^^
bought lots of snacks =)
I love food in thai !!!!! perhaps it's because I am stucked in the forest =p

tRiple 10

it's a day with a lovely date^^
lots of couples ll be marrying or registering today~ yea?

a year plus with him gave me lots of great memories =)
love ya babe~

*meeting him soon !^^

Saturday, October 9, 2010

sUperb bUsY

neglected my blog again ever since I am back to forest for 2 weeks~
super duper busy !!!!
and I had a terrible fever right after the 2 big events~
and I went for my land law mid sem test with a dizzy head....
*pray* I did not did it badly.......
btw, realise forest is indeed a forest, no clinic opens at nite....the nearest is Jitra hospital which is 30 minutes away...damn.... luckily I recovered after eating panadols....thanks a lot to my coursemates and roommate^^

the 1st one- my every first time to MOOT=)
proud of myself even though I didn't win it~
opponent's submission and bundles of authorities

this is mine and my partner's (L & L Associates) submissions =)
sleepless days in order to do em~~~~=.=
a great experience !

my hostel ever first moon festival~
I am in charge of the decoration part~
once again, sleepless~ the day before the event, slept at 8am !!!
anyway, satisfy with the result^^

just a short post to update my blog....
life is still busy~~~this semester is damn busy larhzzzz......
I haven't got the chance to rest properly~~~~
assigns waiting for me o.o !

Sunday, October 3, 2010


days of mid sem test follow by internal moot competition then kachi moon festival~~
it's indeed killing me !!!
sleepless night to get info for submission of the moot, nervous feeling to moot infront of lawyers that act as judges.... sleepless night to decorate the hall since I am incharge of the decoration of the moonfest....
activities continue one by one.... meg n I even went for internal swimming competition XD

one more paper tmr-land law and I can have a gd rest + play squash....
can't wait !
details on my life later on~ lack of time