Saturday, October 9, 2010

sUperb bUsY

neglected my blog again ever since I am back to forest for 2 weeks~
super duper busy !!!!
and I had a terrible fever right after the 2 big events~
and I went for my land law mid sem test with a dizzy head....
*pray* I did not did it badly.......
btw, realise forest is indeed a forest, no clinic opens at nite....the nearest is Jitra hospital which is 30 minutes away...damn.... luckily I recovered after eating panadols....thanks a lot to my coursemates and roommate^^

the 1st one- my every first time to MOOT=)
proud of myself even though I didn't win it~
opponent's submission and bundles of authorities

this is mine and my partner's (L & L Associates) submissions =)
sleepless days in order to do em~~~~=.=
a great experience !

my hostel ever first moon festival~
I am in charge of the decoration part~
once again, sleepless~ the day before the event, slept at 8am !!!
anyway, satisfy with the result^^

just a short post to update my blog....
life is still busy~~~this semester is damn busy larhzzzz......
I haven't got the chance to rest properly~~~~
assigns waiting for me o.o !

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