Thursday, October 21, 2010

an escape to LangKawi =)

an escape to an island on a weekend^^
mission: to meet up with 5 charming guys XD

thanks to my dear unimates that accompanied me to the jetty and had a nice dinner with em^^

my 1st time to be on a ferry to Langkawi and being alone at nite ><"
it's kinda BORING and it's damn hot !
oh ya... the ferry moves like a snail too.......=.=
reached there at 9.30pm and babe was waiting for me at the jetty^^
hopped in to the white Avanza and headed back to our condo~
basically, the night is just about drinking and chatting~

island hopping early in the morning on the 2nd day^^
camwhore in the car^^ love~~~

five charming guys~

1 cute gal~me~LOL

1st stop~pregnant lady island~
can u see it?=)
we went to the lake and had sun tan a while~

a super cute gurl in the same boat with us^^
love her hair so DAMN much !!!!!

2nd stop~ eagle island....
lots of eagle on top of us but too BAD I can't touch them XD

last stop ! beach ~~~~~~

they were busy building a human castle while I were searching for seashells^^
human castle~
-attracts lots of tourist to take pic with....=p

I love beach and sea^^

had a great time with u guys!

suppose to go for cable car for a view from the top after lunch time~
too bad for the bad weather =(
the guys took a lot of candid pictures there while I was busy window shopping^^
babe bought me a nice batik~thanks !!!

we spent the evening at a beach again~ Pantai Cenang
the sunset is nice~
it happens in a few seconds only and I didn't manage to capture the pretty moment.....

and the 3rd day = shopped for liquor and my favourite CHOCOLATES !!!!!!=)
camwhore^^ in the batik~

some souvenirs for friends^^

a great time and trip with u guys and babe~ =D

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