Sunday, October 10, 2010

DL + dUnnoP

lazy to blog~
so, pictures speaks^^
happened on 5th of oct 2010
a DL lunch for those who got it for the previous semester^^
it's FOC^^
my 1st time to attend and I do hope there's another time again~
it was a great one^^
jia you !

right after that, spent the evening and night with my bunch of gals at Dunnop, border of Thai~
just to munch some pork and nicer food compared to those in hostel
I was wearing formal-lazy to change=p
the consequences----> become Siam gurl.....=.=
had a great day XD

it's our 1st time to walk into Thai^^
had a super DUPER spicy tomyam dinner... which I can barely eat....
then snacks time !!!! pork burger in their 7 eleven~
super nice light green guava-my favourite^^
bought lots of snacks =)
I love food in thai !!!!! perhaps it's because I am stucked in the forest =p

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