Monday, May 28, 2012

wedding dinner

just a simple update~
attended YN's sis wedding last Saturday^^~ 
dressed up in Da's room and there we go... 1 hour+ journey for a super nice dinner
btw, just recovered from the terrible fever and sore throat..
slept for a day before this outing... thus this explains my swollen eyes....
*thanks to my dear gang for accompanying me to see doc^^

the gurls of my gang=DDD outside of the restaurant

centre parting gurls! Meggie n me~

random pic taken by Bel while waiting for dishes to be served^^

the first dish and also the only pic of food cause 
after this, we were too busy in munching the food^^

both his sister and brother in law are lawyers... one in criminal litigation another one in conveyancing... both graduated from UKM~ makes their wedding very lawyer-ish... =D
didn't get the chance to snap the bride and bridegroom's picture with my camera~ 
anyway, they are both pretty and cute! 

last but not least... ending my post with a little gift I got for my bday^^
a pack of Toggi n eyebrow trimming blade XD 
(yeap... I am taking care of my eyebrows at last!)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

makeover =D + Mango

 a day at 1 U with babe the day be4 flying back to forest... a random walk and we had lunch at Zanmai since I am kind of crazy towards their little sushi phone accessories. =D
btw, that's our dessert^^ strawberry n green tea ice-cream~ craving for them now =(

then, headed for some window shopping and I bought some facial product by Clinelle at their road show^^ got a free makeover~ makeup artist to put on some colours on my face n makes my hair look nicer before pic taking XD
 my first time to do smthg like this.. kind of shy laaaaa....XD n she trimmed my eyebrows ! for the first time in my life, my eyebrows are being trimmed !!!! it has been 3 years since my gals in forest kept on ask me to trim my eyebrows.... so yeah... this is how my 1st time gone XD

anyway, don't really like the pic =( kind of fake n so not me since the guy photoshop a lot...I am too perfect! LMAO... not natural at all....XD

anyway, a pic of me after the makeover^^ actually, not bad la... just that my dressing on that day is kind of casual but my makeup and hairdo is too girlish and dolly...=D 
pic taken at Xu Liu Shan... a newly open dessert shop... this is originated from Hong Kong... super duper nice mango dessert... u can find it almost at every corner of the street in HK....I used to crave for it when I visited HK and it is in Msia at LAST! =)

YUMMY rite? ^^ for mangoes lovers.... this is a MUST HAVE!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sky Bar

took me lots of trouble in order to update my blog... line is too slow nowadays... can't really upload pics in room... have to go to the lab to upload these few pics...sigh...stupid WIFI! 
anyway, just to make sure my blog is not dying (well, it ll die soon since final exam is around the corner) got lots of updates but no time to update my blog =(
went home for the weekend last week, right after my Equity & Trust mid term test~ it's always nice to be home again! =) 

headed to Sky Bar with Be, Ivy and Gary at Traders Hotel, next to KLCC on Thurs nite~ 
heard from others that this is a very nice place and indeed the bar is very nice! with a small swimming pool in the middle and some of the seats are next to the KL nite view where the twin towers is just right in front of ur eyes if u look out of the window!
however, we were kind of late that nite, n we didnt make any reservations thus the nice seats are taken by others... lots of angmo there!^^most of them are guests of the hotel.... n there's a DJ on the stage, playing some nice music....
thanks babe for spending me a cocktail-Kiwitini~my birthday gift^^ this year, didn't go for any nice dinner or  getting lovely pressies from him since it is sort of wasting money... sincerity is the most important and he is being nice to me all year long ! =D

unable to rotate this pic, so pls turn ur head~ =p=p=p
I was holding my Kiwitini 

a view of the twin towers^^
nice rite? the bar is located on the 33rd floor of the hotel and it is sort of like open air... guess that's the reason why it is being called as Sky Bar~

guys of the nite

credits to the waiter...n I look damn tan... why am I always the darkest! ZzzZZzzzz

changed to a better seats after 11pm since some people have ad left~ thus, the photo-shooting session has begun! XD with the twin towers as background...

didnt get to upload pic of how the bar looks like cause smthg went wrong with babe's camera... pics of the bar lost T.T
anyway, kind of like this pic even though I have no idea why I had that kind of face XD

Nah! a proper pic with my godsister^^
the shiny, grey thingy on the table is the menu... it is kind of heavy! 

again, another pic of the super duper pretty nite view =DDD
cant believe KL can be so nice huh! ^^

out of the bar... time to head home since it is ad midnite!!! Sis has to work tmr~ she is damn busy nowadays... working life isn't easy especially in her field~ gd luck! 

in the lift =X look at his mouth! hahahazz....

anyway, some bad things happened that nite... my clumsy sickness happened again! I nearly lost both the parking ticket and babe's car key. kept them with me in my handbag...but then I have forgotten to zip up my bag thus, these two thingys "flew" out..... caused babe to be super mad of me =X 
headed back to the bar to look for keys when I realised it is not in my bag anymore...
n yeap... I sort of ruined the lovely perfect nite =(

forgot bout that, I shall be more responsible... aikz... I wonder if there is anyone in this world who is as clumsy as me! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Double 2

22-a new number in my life~ 
I am officially 22 years old =D thanks to my dearies in forest for giving me a celebration on 13th nite after my night class~ love u guys!^^
thanks Hann for the instax pic~ first in my life... n my smile is kind of weird BCOZ I was kind of nervous! XD
n thanks for the bday card~ made by Allen n all the wishes from u guys which are stated inside^^

my bday always falls on exam period...last year-final exam, this year-midsem test =.=" 
so, I am sort of like being forced to stay in the hostel
but then, I did went out to grab a nicer dinner with a few gurls~ KFC... n yeap... I am not very fond of chicky...BUT this is the only available choice... 
n I tried their krushers... not bad...but a bit too sweet =D
basically, that's how my day gone~ with a few episode of How I met ur Mother season 7^^
Happy 22!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

after the KABOOM event

Guess where I went? well, from the McD uncle, it is obvious I went Thai again~
border town on a lovely Tues since class has been cancelled^^
went with Bel, MJ n 2 juniors-Vinnie & LM
just a random outing to have some nice food in our stomach~

after the bomb attacked, there are still lots of people and students heading to thai~ 
especially at border town~ a lot of students from my uni^^

settled our lunch in 7-eleven~ my favourite custard sandwich~ 
MJ with her wonton~


headed to TESCO at Thai for the first time~ about 15 mins walk from the immigration centre
this hypermarket is kind of small, er.. so I shall say it is a supermarket~
but then, there are lots of cute stuffs selling in there!
look at our happy faces =D

food and drinks in out little trolley
Mc Flurry is the best in this kind of hot weather!
n the last pic- super cute disney instant noodle!!!!! I am not fond of instant noodle but those 2 are just way too CUTE!
n 2 convenient packaging breakfast cereals too=DDD

then, we had a short tea break at Hailam Coffee Shop^^

after dinner, headed back to uni~ 
spent about 4 hours at the border town n had some groceries shopping^^

Saturday, May 12, 2012

an awesome weekend @ Penang

suppose to update this a week ago~
it was a crazy FRIDAY outing =D
headed to Penang again, 2nd time in this semester, n I guess it will be the last time since the semester is coming to an end soon!
objective of the outing: TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine
it is sort of like the best Japanese Buffet Restaurant in the North, heard of it since my first year in uni yet I don't have the chance to visit it till that day!^^
besides, for May babies (eg:ME!) there is a special 50% discount~ muahahahahhaa... why? I have no idea XD it's a privilege for MAY BABIES! however, u have to order the Sashimi version in order to enjoy this, ended up we have decided to order the normal version n thus, no special privilege for me =(

kind of excited and looking forward to this trip~ 5 of us only since some of them are not in uni on that weekend... Ida, KH, YN n MJ(met her up at Butterworth)
Tao is also available in Sunway Giza, somewhere around 1 Utama =)
but then, I heard that the Penang outlet is much more nicer~
well, the Penang outlet is located at Juru, Autocity... means that it is at Butterworth area and not the Penang island~ 
This is also my first time to go for A la carte buffet~
Salads as appetizer =)

Happy faces posing with yummy food
Full till stomach gonna burst! XD
~~~~~some pictures of the food to be shared~~~~~
One of my all time favourite- Tempura 
Cheesed baked scallops
Fried Squid

Boneless fishy XD

basically, I think the food is not as nice as what I have expected. Perhaps I have heard too much of nice comments till I have high expectation of this buffet. Most importantly, NO DESSERTS! T.T the only available dessert is by the end of ur meal, they ll serve u a super small scoop of ice-cream......
As a conclusion, I prefer Japanese Buffet in KL^^

photo taking before we left for Penang Island
went to Gurney Mall~ Lined up for Starbucks Frappuccino at 5pm^^
half price discount =)
look at the couple behind me! o.O
then, had dinner at Pasta Mania~ Lily and her sis joined us for dinner =D

watched The Avengers after that...well, it is not as nice as I thought or expected it to be, but then, not bad since Iron Man is so damn cool ! XD

headed to Moist after that... Lily joined us again^^ had a great time with them!

 ended up, Saturday was the day I slept like a piggy XD

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 Internal Moot competition

gals from my gang^^

neglected my blog again!!! bcoz of the busy life + bad internet connection... unable to post picture T_T
well, here am I, a simple update of my busy busy uni life
participated in the internal moot competition 2 weeks ago
super stress life because of this moot thingy!
preparations for this moot is not easy at all! (especially when we r the last minute people XD)
after preparations for memorial, we were busy with practising oral submission a week later
n BOOM! here comes the competition n BOOM.... everything has come to an end =)
happy to be with my partner, miss lily^^  even though we didn't manage to get into the final round!
I am already satisfy for our performance^^ indeed we have improved a lot comparing to the first time we moot, which is a year ago!
hope that we can pair up again next time =DDDD n aim for winning... LMAO....
anyway, till here..... MAY is a busy month for assignments!!!!

Lily-my partner ^^

first runner up~ both of em r my juniors....

the champion! =D