Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sky Bar

took me lots of trouble in order to update my blog... line is too slow nowadays... can't really upload pics in room... have to go to the lab to upload these few pics...sigh...stupid WIFI! 
anyway, just to make sure my blog is not dying (well, it ll die soon since final exam is around the corner) got lots of updates but no time to update my blog =(
went home for the weekend last week, right after my Equity & Trust mid term test~ it's always nice to be home again! =) 

headed to Sky Bar with Be, Ivy and Gary at Traders Hotel, next to KLCC on Thurs nite~ 
heard from others that this is a very nice place and indeed the bar is very nice! with a small swimming pool in the middle and some of the seats are next to the KL nite view where the twin towers is just right in front of ur eyes if u look out of the window!
however, we were kind of late that nite, n we didnt make any reservations thus the nice seats are taken by others... lots of angmo there!^^most of them are guests of the hotel.... n there's a DJ on the stage, playing some nice music....
thanks babe for spending me a cocktail-Kiwitini~my birthday gift^^ this year, didn't go for any nice dinner or  getting lovely pressies from him since it is sort of wasting money... sincerity is the most important and he is being nice to me all year long ! =D

unable to rotate this pic, so pls turn ur head~ =p=p=p
I was holding my Kiwitini 

a view of the twin towers^^
nice rite? the bar is located on the 33rd floor of the hotel and it is sort of like open air... guess that's the reason why it is being called as Sky Bar~

guys of the nite

credits to the waiter...n I look damn tan... why am I always the darkest! ZzzZZzzzz

changed to a better seats after 11pm since some people have ad left~ thus, the photo-shooting session has begun! XD with the twin towers as background...

didnt get to upload pic of how the bar looks like cause smthg went wrong with babe's camera... pics of the bar lost T.T
anyway, kind of like this pic even though I have no idea why I had that kind of face XD

Nah! a proper pic with my godsister^^
the shiny, grey thingy on the table is the menu... it is kind of heavy! 

again, another pic of the super duper pretty nite view =DDD
cant believe KL can be so nice huh! ^^

out of the bar... time to head home since it is ad midnite!!! Sis has to work tmr~ she is damn busy nowadays... working life isn't easy especially in her field~ gd luck! 

in the lift =X look at his mouth! hahahazz....

anyway, some bad things happened that nite... my clumsy sickness happened again! I nearly lost both the parking ticket and babe's car key. kept them with me in my handbag...but then I have forgotten to zip up my bag thus, these two thingys "flew" out..... caused babe to be super mad of me =X 
headed back to the bar to look for keys when I realised it is not in my bag anymore...
n yeap... I sort of ruined the lovely perfect nite =(

forgot bout that, I shall be more responsible... aikz... I wonder if there is anyone in this world who is as clumsy as me! 


Wei Xiong said...

The world has other clumsy people. Can't blame yourself. This is natural.

heiddy said...

wah i long time nv comment ad, and since the chatbox like full of strangers, so i leave it here la. u using the longchamp bag? quite big n deep worrr.. lol.. be careful nx time!

chocz-dreamland said...

WX, hahaz.... but I m sure I am too over....><
Ling, ya! hahaaz... ya...stupid chatbox... bcome spam box d...XD yup... longchamp also gt 'hole' LMAO.....