Thursday, May 10, 2012

2012 Internal Moot competition

gals from my gang^^

neglected my blog again!!! bcoz of the busy life + bad internet connection... unable to post picture T_T
well, here am I, a simple update of my busy busy uni life
participated in the internal moot competition 2 weeks ago
super stress life because of this moot thingy!
preparations for this moot is not easy at all! (especially when we r the last minute people XD)
after preparations for memorial, we were busy with practising oral submission a week later
n BOOM! here comes the competition n BOOM.... everything has come to an end =)
happy to be with my partner, miss lily^^  even though we didn't manage to get into the final round!
I am already satisfy for our performance^^ indeed we have improved a lot comparing to the first time we moot, which is a year ago!
hope that we can pair up again next time =DDDD n aim for winning... LMAO....
anyway, till here..... MAY is a busy month for assignments!!!!

Lily-my partner ^^

first runner up~ both of em r my juniors....

the champion! =D

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