Saturday, May 26, 2012

makeover =D + Mango

 a day at 1 U with babe the day be4 flying back to forest... a random walk and we had lunch at Zanmai since I am kind of crazy towards their little sushi phone accessories. =D
btw, that's our dessert^^ strawberry n green tea ice-cream~ craving for them now =(

then, headed for some window shopping and I bought some facial product by Clinelle at their road show^^ got a free makeover~ makeup artist to put on some colours on my face n makes my hair look nicer before pic taking XD
 my first time to do smthg like this.. kind of shy laaaaa....XD n she trimmed my eyebrows ! for the first time in my life, my eyebrows are being trimmed !!!! it has been 3 years since my gals in forest kept on ask me to trim my eyebrows.... so yeah... this is how my 1st time gone XD

anyway, don't really like the pic =( kind of fake n so not me since the guy photoshop a lot...I am too perfect! LMAO... not natural at all....XD

anyway, a pic of me after the makeover^^ actually, not bad la... just that my dressing on that day is kind of casual but my makeup and hairdo is too girlish and dolly...=D 
pic taken at Xu Liu Shan... a newly open dessert shop... this is originated from Hong Kong... super duper nice mango dessert... u can find it almost at every corner of the street in HK....I used to crave for it when I visited HK and it is in Msia at LAST! =)

YUMMY rite? ^^ for mangoes lovers.... this is a MUST HAVE!!!

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