Monday, May 28, 2012

wedding dinner

just a simple update~
attended YN's sis wedding last Saturday^^~ 
dressed up in Da's room and there we go... 1 hour+ journey for a super nice dinner
btw, just recovered from the terrible fever and sore throat..
slept for a day before this outing... thus this explains my swollen eyes....
*thanks to my dear gang for accompanying me to see doc^^

the gurls of my gang=DDD outside of the restaurant

centre parting gurls! Meggie n me~

random pic taken by Bel while waiting for dishes to be served^^

the first dish and also the only pic of food cause 
after this, we were too busy in munching the food^^

both his sister and brother in law are lawyers... one in criminal litigation another one in conveyancing... both graduated from UKM~ makes their wedding very lawyer-ish... =D
didn't get the chance to snap the bride and bridegroom's picture with my camera~ 
anyway, they are both pretty and cute! 

last but not least... ending my post with a little gift I got for my bday^^
a pack of Toggi n eyebrow trimming blade XD 
(yeap... I am taking care of my eyebrows at last!)


Unknown said...

lawyer-ish?? haha...din feel that pun...thanks for attending...think/worry that you are sick cannot attend also. But you looked sweet&pretty that night still=)

chocz-dreamland said...

haha... gt ehz... ^^ haha~ thanks orhz.... just realise u gt read my blog...XD