Saturday, May 12, 2012

an awesome weekend @ Penang

suppose to update this a week ago~
it was a crazy FRIDAY outing =D
headed to Penang again, 2nd time in this semester, n I guess it will be the last time since the semester is coming to an end soon!
objective of the outing: TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine
it is sort of like the best Japanese Buffet Restaurant in the North, heard of it since my first year in uni yet I don't have the chance to visit it till that day!^^
besides, for May babies (eg:ME!) there is a special 50% discount~ muahahahahhaa... why? I have no idea XD it's a privilege for MAY BABIES! however, u have to order the Sashimi version in order to enjoy this, ended up we have decided to order the normal version n thus, no special privilege for me =(

kind of excited and looking forward to this trip~ 5 of us only since some of them are not in uni on that weekend... Ida, KH, YN n MJ(met her up at Butterworth)
Tao is also available in Sunway Giza, somewhere around 1 Utama =)
but then, I heard that the Penang outlet is much more nicer~
well, the Penang outlet is located at Juru, Autocity... means that it is at Butterworth area and not the Penang island~ 
This is also my first time to go for A la carte buffet~
Salads as appetizer =)

Happy faces posing with yummy food
Full till stomach gonna burst! XD
~~~~~some pictures of the food to be shared~~~~~
One of my all time favourite- Tempura 
Cheesed baked scallops
Fried Squid

Boneless fishy XD

basically, I think the food is not as nice as what I have expected. Perhaps I have heard too much of nice comments till I have high expectation of this buffet. Most importantly, NO DESSERTS! T.T the only available dessert is by the end of ur meal, they ll serve u a super small scoop of ice-cream......
As a conclusion, I prefer Japanese Buffet in KL^^

photo taking before we left for Penang Island
went to Gurney Mall~ Lined up for Starbucks Frappuccino at 5pm^^
half price discount =)
look at the couple behind me! o.O
then, had dinner at Pasta Mania~ Lily and her sis joined us for dinner =D

watched The Avengers after that...well, it is not as nice as I thought or expected it to be, but then, not bad since Iron Man is so damn cool ! XD

headed to Moist after that... Lily joined us again^^ had a great time with them!

 ended up, Saturday was the day I slept like a piggy XD

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