Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Double 2

22-a new number in my life~ 
I am officially 22 years old =D thanks to my dearies in forest for giving me a celebration on 13th nite after my night class~ love u guys!^^
thanks Hann for the instax pic~ first in my life... n my smile is kind of weird BCOZ I was kind of nervous! XD
n thanks for the bday card~ made by Allen n all the wishes from u guys which are stated inside^^

my bday always falls on exam period...last year-final exam, this year-midsem test =.=" 
so, I am sort of like being forced to stay in the hostel
but then, I did went out to grab a nicer dinner with a few gurls~ KFC... n yeap... I am not very fond of chicky...BUT this is the only available choice... 
n I tried their krushers... not bad...but a bit too sweet =D
basically, that's how my day gone~ with a few episode of How I met ur Mother season 7^^
Happy 22!

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