Sunday, May 13, 2012

after the KABOOM event

Guess where I went? well, from the McD uncle, it is obvious I went Thai again~
border town on a lovely Tues since class has been cancelled^^
went with Bel, MJ n 2 juniors-Vinnie & LM
just a random outing to have some nice food in our stomach~

after the bomb attacked, there are still lots of people and students heading to thai~ 
especially at border town~ a lot of students from my uni^^

settled our lunch in 7-eleven~ my favourite custard sandwich~ 
MJ with her wonton~


headed to TESCO at Thai for the first time~ about 15 mins walk from the immigration centre
this hypermarket is kind of small, er.. so I shall say it is a supermarket~
but then, there are lots of cute stuffs selling in there!
look at our happy faces =D

food and drinks in out little trolley
Mc Flurry is the best in this kind of hot weather!
n the last pic- super cute disney instant noodle!!!!! I am not fond of instant noodle but those 2 are just way too CUTE!
n 2 convenient packaging breakfast cereals too=DDD

then, we had a short tea break at Hailam Coffee Shop^^

after dinner, headed back to uni~ 
spent about 4 hours at the border town n had some groceries shopping^^

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