Saturday, February 26, 2011


headed to Penang with Bel,Da n Desarine at 2.30pm with the bunch of juniors
all of em went to sing K except me
not in a mood to sing... erm.... just don't feel like spending on singing...

thus, I spent the 4 hours walking alone around qUeensbay mall
the purpose of joining em to this one day trip-just to get out from the BORING forest...

I did some shopping and got some stuffs that I need and can't be found in forest
happy indeed !
I enjoy shopping alone... do hope I have more $$$$$ =p
gt a pair of boots from F21 =) sales !!!!!!
I love the F21 in Penang =)
not crowded at all~~~

had subway as my dinner
I can actually forget about my dinner when I start to shop^^
dining alone

then, met up with em and watched Sanctrum
a very adventurous movie
kinda creepy for me~~~~~
yet, worth to watch it !!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

border + cool blog

introducing Cool Blog in my campus =)
well... I guess not many of you know about it(KLrians)
it's a well known ice blended/milk tea/bubble tea etc drink in Johor and there's one in Alor Setar....
erm... in KL, there's a shop like dat, similar concept... name as Each A Cup which u can find it in Sunway Piramid or Farenheit~~~ which I love it a lot !!!! awww... I miss it a lot~~~~~

happy that my campus has smthg interesting at last!
so, we gals headed to the uni mall just to grab this drink =)
it's kinda far from our faculty~~~~
u need to walk for more than 15 minutes~~~
look at our happy faces^^

on the same day, after lunch, smthg happened...
some teary moments happened to some of my friends~
and then,
they decided to head to the border to grab a nice dinner !!!
border of Thailand~
dinner at 6pm
unlimited buffet steamboat for only RM 10.00 ! damn cheap rite?
we had a great gals time together
chatting and eating for 3 hours~

pic 1

pic 2

munching munching~~~~

get the time to do a bit of shopping~
got myself a pair of cute RM5 room slippers...
it's fluffy n with a fish on top of it~ hehez
then~ had my favourite drink!!! -----MILK =)
love milky a lot~ RM2 only^^

so, what I gotta say b4 I end this post...
it's a great day with the gals~
n we miss our hometown a lot~~~~=(
*heart them a lot*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

kayaking in campus

a fine day
good weather
in the evening after we had our class in the morning n noon

my very 1st time to kayak in the campus lake^^
this happened weeks ago but I have forgotten to update it here~ keke

the scenery in campus is quite nice
too bad my hostel is out of the campus...aikz...
jealous arhrrrhzzzzz..... towards those who r staying in campus hostel....
the lake~~~

our legs on the soft grass~~~~~

random shooting while waiting for the room that keeps canoe to be opened^^

n there we are~
smiling happily~~~~
cute Desarine

we look so tiny in this picture!

a great evening with em =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


just a random post coz I bought smthg I like =p
I wanted this ever since I saw it in magazine....
went to the town with a bunch of coursemates with the free shuttle bus ~
anyway, lousy service =(
bought some stuffs that I needed in the mart n saw this
was thinking " OH GOSH, this is damn NICE ! I wanna get it.....although it is quite expensive...
a small cutie box comes along with it^^
wondering if I ever gonna use em..... they r too pretty....hehehehehhehehe....

Monday, February 21, 2011

I want this ^^

found smthg super lovely n cute !!!
Iphone 4 case which looks like a rabbit...
awww... I wanna have it even though I don't own an Iphone...XD
they r just so damn cute~~~~~~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 law dinner

my latest update~
annual dinner for the law students in my uni on last friday nite^^
*walk in wonderland"
dress code : pure n fierce
I like the menu~ cute poker card design^^
western cuisine

been super busy for this dinner's rehearsal ever since I am back to uni~
participate in one of the performance-choir
anyway, the venue is Putra Palace, Perlis
a hotel that I dislike a lot
bad services~ aikz......
n the food sucks !

sem 4 students are the organizer of this year's law dinner
which is my batch^^
it is overall ok except the food~
I was starving tat nite.....=.=

the dessert~
the only food that I thought it ll b nice
ended up- WEIRD !!!!!
I had a bite of it only....
looks pretty but tasted bad....

the setting of the dining table~
nt bad huh?
but the apple juice-tasted a bit weird too....

super nice door gift-sponsored by MAS n a lovely cupcake for everyone^^

that's us early in the morning...
pic taken while having breakfast
the original looking with specs n no make ups =D

n when the nite falls......
dressed up nicely =p
beach blue dress-thanks to cousin sis
thanks to joyce for the eyeshadow
yinn for the fake lashes(my 1st time!)
hann for the hairdo

with my favorite heels-- about 4to 5 inch~
almost kill my legs....

a senior that really looks like a princess =)

my gang - the gals only^^

that's all for the pic^^
more pics in my facebook=)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I am back to my dear blog again after 2 weeks of neglecting it...
life has been super duper busy bcoz of the CNY holiday~
enjoy till the max! =)
here am I, back to the forest again....aikzzzzz
facing with lots of assignments and mid-sem test coming very soon
it's gonna be another busy life here since the annual Law Dinner is on this Friday~
hope to share more of my stories here...
I ll try to update...
hope the internet connection in my room will not "ki siao"

oh, btw....... another year of Valentine Day without him around~
it's a V-day where I spent my time in classes n library n my room

I love u Babe =)