Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 law dinner

my latest update~
annual dinner for the law students in my uni on last friday nite^^
*walk in wonderland"
dress code : pure n fierce
I like the menu~ cute poker card design^^
western cuisine

been super busy for this dinner's rehearsal ever since I am back to uni~
participate in one of the performance-choir
anyway, the venue is Putra Palace, Perlis
a hotel that I dislike a lot
bad services~ aikz......
n the food sucks !

sem 4 students are the organizer of this year's law dinner
which is my batch^^
it is overall ok except the food~
I was starving tat nite.....=.=

the dessert~
the only food that I thought it ll b nice
ended up- WEIRD !!!!!
I had a bite of it only....
looks pretty but tasted bad....

the setting of the dining table~
nt bad huh?
but the apple juice-tasted a bit weird too....

super nice door gift-sponsored by MAS n a lovely cupcake for everyone^^

that's us early in the morning...
pic taken while having breakfast
the original looking with specs n no make ups =D

n when the nite falls......
dressed up nicely =p
beach blue dress-thanks to cousin sis
thanks to joyce for the eyeshadow
yinn for the fake lashes(my 1st time!)
hann for the hairdo

with my favorite heels-- about 4to 5 inch~
almost kill my legs....

a senior that really looks like a princess =)

my gang - the gals only^^

that's all for the pic^^
more pics in my facebook=)

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