Thursday, November 22, 2012


It will never heal

Bel's birthday

an early celebration for her
 another birthday celebration^^
Bel Bel's 23rd birthday
6 pieces of cakes 12 hearts~
 family picture!
had dinner at Jagoh Restaurant after nite class
this semester is all about nite classes.. almost every nite in a week~
hectic life indeed!

Monday, November 5, 2012


law sport 2012~
I guess this is our final law sport yet I am not participating in any of the sports~keke
coz it will be too tiring due to the trainnings
we made a stop on the day to show some supports for our batch!
with our yellow sleeve jersey~

our guys~they played netball and volleyball

just to show what numbers are printed on our jersey^^

final year students guys netball players! 
n guess wat, they won! champion team^^

the charming "boy"

headed to the border town n here is where our trip has started!^^
trip of the GANG!
the gals went to Hatyai first as the guys were still busy with the law sport activities
2 juniors with us~

kevin who dropped some of them at the border

first dessert we grabbed at Hatyai inside of Lee Garden-Gelate!!!!

=) the gurls~

a must take picture at Hatyai McD~ XD
I wonder how many pictures have I taken with Mr. McD

durian pulut! favourite street food!

did some shoppings at Greenway at nite~
NO PICTURES as we were busy shopping! XD
btw, 15 of us squeeze in a Tut Tut! wth~
a good experience~ Imagine it~ was damn hot when all of us stick tgt like we are tuna fish~ XD  this one time experience is enough!

the next morning~ breakfast at the usual Dimsum shop~
super cheap cheap cheap dimsum and nice^^

those who made it for breakfast^^

another dessert moment! XD 
Swensen! love love love! RM10 for a glass of sundae~
I ordered greentea~ super nice and creamy~~

enjoying our sweet moments~

heading to market for another round of shoppings~
back to Msia at nite after a dinner at Dannok^^
a nice trip~
trip of the gang-DC for our 7th semester

went to Dannok the following week XD
stopped by Jitra to have the newly opened shop that sells yogurt~ 
concept similar to Tutti Frutti~

the price is cheaper but doesn't taste as gd as TF~

had some picture takings at the golf club next to border town^^


 4 of us, 
4 gurls who went to border other than Allen, the only guy^^

random picture at the street of border town~

He claimed that he is TALLER! pifff~

did manicure-RM10 at the nite market! 
super cute rite?!

 guess that's all!^^
all these happened before the semester break and I am done with the semester break! back to this boring forest again!=.=

Saturday, November 3, 2012

the wild side~ BLUE

 the wild side of me~ 
coolness 100%...LOL
used to "sayang" my hair so much-dare not colour it with some weird weird colour~
but since I have made it short, so why not I do something out of my style?! XD
well~ headed to the saloon~ n told him I wanna make my hair BLUE!
not really blue hair duh~ blue under my hair~ which is part of my hair is in blue so that I can cover up during lecture classes (coz the lecturers are very strict in this matter... we need to have the professional appearance=.=)
bleach n dye it blue~
n SERIOUSLY, it is blue~ like the one by TOP in Bigbang
the result of my sudden urge to colour up my hair~
cool anot? nice anot?????

Eddie, the hairstylist braided my fringe~ <3 p="p">

a combination of my blue feather earring n my blue hair~~~^^

this colour will only stay for a week or a few days I guess~
then it might turn into grey or green? let's wait and see =)

~~~~happy me~~~~~

Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 convocation

another convocation~
another year~
it also means that I am graduating soon!
this is the last convocation I am going to attend as a junior as next year, finally, it will be mine!^^
congratulations to all of them! 
most of them are busy doing their chambering nowadays~
thus, they were kind of rushing... as they need to head back to their hometown to work after the convocation... thus, not much time to chat with the seniors~

graduating is indeed something very happy and yet it is kind of sad too as I am sure everyone miss their uni life~ just a simple post for a few pictures of the seniors~

my buddy~ 
(in our law school, we have a buddy system, where the buddy ll help out in ur studies if u need any guidance or advice)

some of the juniors n seniors~ from different years^^

cute Jac Jac~ with her tiny robe!

my beloved DC

unifriend from another course~

Tracy senior=)

had dinner at the nearby expo and we gals headed to nite class by bus after that!
a smile before the boring class!^^