Saturday, November 3, 2012

the wild side~ BLUE

 the wild side of me~ 
coolness 100%...LOL
used to "sayang" my hair so much-dare not colour it with some weird weird colour~
but since I have made it short, so why not I do something out of my style?! XD
well~ headed to the saloon~ n told him I wanna make my hair BLUE!
not really blue hair duh~ blue under my hair~ which is part of my hair is in blue so that I can cover up during lecture classes (coz the lecturers are very strict in this matter... we need to have the professional appearance=.=)
bleach n dye it blue~
n SERIOUSLY, it is blue~ like the one by TOP in Bigbang
the result of my sudden urge to colour up my hair~
cool anot? nice anot?????

Eddie, the hairstylist braided my fringe~ <3 p="p">

a combination of my blue feather earring n my blue hair~~~^^

this colour will only stay for a week or a few days I guess~
then it might turn into grey or green? let's wait and see =)

~~~~happy me~~~~~

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