Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 convocation

another convocation~
another year~
it also means that I am graduating soon!
this is the last convocation I am going to attend as a junior as next year, finally, it will be mine!^^
congratulations to all of them! 
most of them are busy doing their chambering nowadays~
thus, they were kind of rushing... as they need to head back to their hometown to work after the convocation... thus, not much time to chat with the seniors~

graduating is indeed something very happy and yet it is kind of sad too as I am sure everyone miss their uni life~ just a simple post for a few pictures of the seniors~

my buddy~ 
(in our law school, we have a buddy system, where the buddy ll help out in ur studies if u need any guidance or advice)

some of the juniors n seniors~ from different years^^

cute Jac Jac~ with her tiny robe!

my beloved DC

unifriend from another course~

Tracy senior=)

had dinner at the nearby expo and we gals headed to nite class by bus after that!
a smile before the boring class!^^


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