Monday, October 29, 2012

being a bridesmaid

got the wedding invitation 1 month ago~
was having a dilemma of should I skip my classes and head back to KL for this gurl's wedding dinner^^
n I am glad I made the right decision by heading all the way home from Kedah~

n I became bridesmaid for the first time in my life!!!
this is a very simple wedding yet it is very sweet~
so, let me talk about how I know the bride...
she is the gurl who sits next to me during Form 3... I knew her from scout... n I got interested into becoming a resource center prefect because of her XD there are too many stories between us!
used to be like super duper close with her! we walked home, had lots of fun in scout activities, fun in classes etc. We sort of lost contact after high school as she went to study diploma and work after that while I was busy with Form 6 and later to Kedah for my university studies... furthermore, she moved to Cheras while I moved out of Serdang area~
her wedding brought us together again, not only us, but the Scout family!!! =)
scout family is always the warmest family as we have gone through a lot during the high school life~

so, this couple have been in a relationship for 8 years! it indeed not easy!
till today, I remember the way she told me how the guy confessed and how they got together =D
they are indeed a sweet little mature couple~
once again, congrats Lok and Janice! I am feeling really happy for both of u!

on Sunday morning, the gals were busy in preparing games for the guys when the bridegroom comes to the bride's house~ just a few simple games, eg putting on lipstick, find the right key to open the door in a pail full with ice etc. 
meanwhile, I was in the room with Janice chatting with her, asking her about how she feels being someone's wife etc while waiting for the bridegroom to open the door^^

n finally, when the bridegroom made it to open the door and enter the bride's room, he made a confession of love and sang a song... everything is so simple yet so sincere... I can feel the love between both of them! and this is indeed very touching! till my tears almost drop! XD 

well, some picture takings and tea ceremony after that~

the bridesmaids~ 
another picture of heng dai and jimui~ XD

the complete scout family~

at the hotel~ a very natural shot and my favourite shot of the day^^

tea ceremony in the evening before the dinner starts~

a picture of my bee and Janice^^

the gals from high school- resource center prefects during high school life~ ^^ 
we used to have lots of fun while having duty after classes
didn't get much chances to chat with them during that nite as I was kind of busy but I guess they had a great time catching up with each other!

love u Janice!

 overall, this is indeed a very simple yet nice wedding~
scouts involved as the wedding planner~ 
n this makes the wedding even more meaningful and sweeter as it consist not only the love symbol between the bride and bridegroom but also the friendship we have and appreciate as a scout family!
thus, this makes the wedding unique!=)

p/s: took the earliest flight back to uni the very next morning! tired but I am glad I had a great weekend!

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