Thursday, October 11, 2012

etiquette course

TM wifi is back^^
I don't have to spend extra money to get a broadband in order to surf the net~
this wifi is not working since the 1st day I came back to uni...
imagine how suffering life is without internet! have to do my assigns in library or online in the lab or I can only online after 11pm since the UUM wifi is kind of sucks....

anyway, back to the blog post^^
etiquette course which all the students in my uni must attend since we are a business school... etiquette is kind of important... my gang have promised that we ll only attend this course together during our final year!
HOWEVER, only 11 of us made it as MJ overslept that day! how said is it... 
anyway, we still had a great time=)

some pictures to share~
the gurls and junior Vinnie on the right

 gals from our batch.. 4 gals from another gang^^
natural laughters! love this picture a lot!

Duodecim Corda without MJ the overslept mummy~
cheers to our friendship!

Chinese of LLB 10th batch, without MJ, Lily and Penny

 n of course! a single shot of myself^^
thanks Vinnie for the picture~

this course is conducted by a hospitality lecturer and being held in EDC, which is a hotel under the management of our university
we learnt how to dress up etc... n of course the most important one is how to eat in the proper way!
thus, after so many years, in the end, after attending this course,
I know how to eat western cuisine in the proper way.. how to eat bun with butter, how to drink soup and of course how to eat the main course-chicken chop and last but not least, dessert^^

had a great morning, heavy breakfast with my babes~
till here XOXO
p/s: trip of the gang tmr! Hatyai here we come!

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