Tuesday, October 2, 2012

our last mooncake festival

mooncake festival aka mid-autumn festival
used to be looking forward to this day when I was young cause it is the time where I ll gather with cousins and play with the candles and tanglungs~
these days have become a memory and history^^

ever since I came to Kedah, enrolled into this forest uni, we started to have a gathering every year to celebrate this festival
our tradition=mooncake eating...
we don't play with tanglungs or candles cause we are "mature" XD
we will chat non-stop and laugh non-stop n of course eat those mooncake till we are sick of them!
12 of us=at least 12 mooncakes...
isn't it scary to eat 12 of them in a nite?
well, this year, it is the last time for this gathering since we are officially final year students d^^
next year, at this time, all of us will be busy with our own life in different places~

the 1st meet up~when everyone is back to the uni~
bel brought her mum's homemade fresh fruit cakes, all the way from Sabah!
thank you aunty! u r really very good in baking!

mooncake fiesta!
different flavours, different brands~

Duodecim Corda
thanks Vinnie for being the camera gurl~
this year, she joined us too~ btw, she is our junior who always mix around with our gang and being mistaken as our batch mate...haha

the 2nd meet up is the day before mooncake festival~
this time, we have candles...XD
Kevin brought a box of candles for us!
chit chat n finished up the mooncake we unable to finish on the first meet up~

nice picture~ love it^^

this is how I celebrated mooncake festival in the forest~
I dislike mooncake,  I don't really eat mooncake when I am at home
but ever since we have such gathering, I started to like mooncake...
perhaps it is because many of us sharing many of the mooncake, thus making those mooncake yummy!
gonna miss u guys in the next mooncake festival!

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