Sunday, September 23, 2012

lawasia 2012

came back to uni 2 weeks earlier than others due to the lawasia moot competition
it's regarding a franchise business between a China Restaurant,the franchisor and an Indonesian franchisee
an interesting moot problem
our main focus is Singapore and Indonesia law, which is something very new for us!

the 2 weeks of preparations in uni is a nightmare! XD this is due to the dirty rooms, toilets, cockroaches and hungry cats everywhere!
we had lots of fun during the preparation and also a lot of teary moments due to stress and arguments!
this is indeed a very special memory for me to cherish in my uni life~
even though we suffered a lot but we learnt a lot at the same time! precious friendship built among all the mooters and our dearest managers

some discussion going on during the journey from uni to KL~
we had a super huge bus for 11 of us only and our lecturer!
sleeping in the bus^^

checked in a very budget inn near to Times Square, KL since the arbitration centre is near to Pavillion=D
our blazers hanging nicely at the "wardrobe"^^

had a nice lunch at TS before attending the briefing at the arbitration centre... sorry for the "senget" picture!

last minute preparation! midnight discussion before the day of the competition! our Joshua senior helped us a lot on that nite~

 still scribing our speech early in the morning at the arbitration centre!
slept for 2 hours only as we have to wake at 530am to avoid bad traffic in the town~

2 rounds to go.. 1st one at 1030am while the 2nd one at 430pm
we were too tired! caught a nap on the comfortable couch outside of the arbitration room^^

a picture with the arbitrators and my opponents from UKM during the 2nd round =D

UUM mooters^^

crazy us XD

my lovely partners! thanks gurls!

 celebrations of our suffering days in Pavillion, Dome~
2 of my cute juniors in their 1st year

enjoying our late dinner and our last meal together before we are apart!
we ll meet each other in uni again but for sure we don't have any chance to have such chance to be together to do research and have meals together!
heart u guys!

in the end, we lose in this competition... but we are not sad! we learnt a lot and tried our best! no regrets! a wonderful experience! this competition makes me understand more about the life in the legal field n I get the chance to meet some very professional people, which are our judges=D
promised myself I need to have the courage to speak in front of the judges and I did it! even though I didn't do it well but this is my first step in achieving my target!^^
this competition is definately 

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