Thursday, September 20, 2012

birthday bash at S'mores

S'mores at Bangsar South for KT's birthday celebration
nice environment, reasonable price for the beers^^
should have updated this long long time ago! XD

 with Ivy sis~

most of them~ my 2ndary schoolmates~

cocktails! since Ivy and me are not really fond of beers~~something girlish suits us more!

s'mores margarita~~ 3 cocktails for RM50

flaming Lamborghini for the birthday guy!
can't imagine how weird the taste could be~

guys sharing with him^^
my bee~ 

KT still awake after his Lamborghini...
 thus, tequila shots for him!

in the end... I dunno if he is awake or not..LMAO...
we had supper at Seapark for the famous midnite nasi lemak ayam goreng! 

birthday celebration for guys=drunk! XD
just a short post since I m heading to the 330pm class soon! ciao!

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