Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bumbu Bali

a simple blog...
 cause I m too stress out now... back to uni d...T.T for the preparation of the upcoming LAWASIA moot competition.... why LAAAaaa I made the decision to participate in it last semester...XD
anyway, Bumbu Bali at Bandar Puteri~ 
heard lots of good comment about their food and decided to go for a try...

spaghetti with grilled chicken

chicken chop n fries~

 shadow of him^^

the food are indeed nice but the prices are kind of expensive~
I shall try other dishes of theirs next time since we were kind of like in a rush for a late lunch that day=)

anyway, perm my hair last week when I went back to Muar^^ 
wavy loose curls~~~~~~ =DDDDDD

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