Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Buffalo Kitchen @ Bangsar

Buffalo Kitchen @ Bangsar, just next to Bangsar Village
went there for a late dinner with babe dear^^

it was Dato Lee v Chen Long on screen that nite~ happy that he went into final
he tried his best in his final even though he failed to get the gold medal for Msia... yet, proud of him! support him always even though Lindan is much more handsome =p 
was damn "gan jeong" while watching the final... screamed like a crazy woman at home with my family... heart almost explode...LOL... I guess all Msians who have watched that match felt so too! =)

anyway, back to Buffalo Kitchen... a nice cozy restaurant~ love the environment and the food
tutti frutti with my honey bee before the late dinner~

 dreamy chocolate... the name of this beverage... it is made from choc blended with real mint leaves... so, u can actually taste the leaves while drinking... for those who likes mint, u ll surely love this drink! it is indeed special.. unlike the normal one where they only put artificial mint....

Babe's late dinner~ mash potatoes+chicken~ chicken being wrap with the mash potatoes.. like the popiah....=)

dessert for a sweet tooth like me!=)
chocolate volcano...highly recommended by the waitress there and this is the last one left for that nite^^
seriously, it is NICE! my 1st time to try chocolate volcano and I love it..not too sweet !
till here^^

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