Wednesday, August 15, 2012

weekend with the famileee^^

well, as a KLrian.. Genting isn't a place which is unfamiliar to me=)
a random weekend outing with my dear family^^
just to enjoy the cooling weather and to relax
had my dinner at Nyonya Colours... used to see this shop crowded with ppl at the I Utama outlet..
indeed their kueh muih are not bad^^

nthg much to do there~ for adults, they ll spend their time in the casino... since I am not fond of gambling (as I sayang my $$$ damn much n dare not take any risk) + bro is still underage, we went for shopping and looking at those kids who scream while riding the roller coaster XD
went for a late nite show=120am
we watched TOTAL RECALL~nice movie! Kate Beckinsale is very sexy!

the next day, after brunch, had some sightseeing around the theme park with my bro~

then, headed home... otw back to KL, stopped by a chinese temple...used to take lots of pics at this place when I was young! not much changes^^
a pic with the character from my favourite drama when I was young~hehehe


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