Thursday, June 7, 2012

1 week to go

can't wait to be home again... 2 months semester break! =DDD.... 1 more week to go... 3 toughest papers to go! gambateh! n I shall be a hardworking blogger to update her blog again XD
lots of plannings for this holiday including participating in the LAWASIA... I guess this competition ll take up all my holiday LMAO... yet I still got time to enjoy at KL and my home sweet home... so no worries... still gt time to enjoy my holiday... (I know I ll b scolding this n that, F**, Stupid etc when I need to do research n readings for the competition by sacrificing part of my holiday... well, this is my only chance to learn as I am still a student... take up the CHALLENGE!)
n oh ya, can't wait for KK trip with my forest family! =)

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Unknown said...

forest family o.O...haha...i like this term=)