Friday, June 15, 2012


the day I have been looking forward to since 2 weeks ago
back to home sweet home for a 2 months break^^

Ddeukbokki~ a korean dish~ it is made from rice cake, some cabbage, carrots, meat, then the sauce is made from smthg like chili sauce n kimchi sauce I guess? =)
saw it in Running man 
(it is a hilarious entertainment show! for those who have never watch it before! u should watch it!) 
n it looks so tempting to me~ especially when I was suffering in the forest due to the final exam n super boring n oily hostel food 
promised myself I ll get this once I am back to KL!=DDD

mission accomplished ! XD
too bad it is not really as nice as what I have expected... perhaps it is too spicy for me~ 
it ll b nice to have it in Korea since the weather is cooling...but here... in Msia.... it is kind of weird duh n I am not really fond of spicy food...=)

red lips after the super spicy ddeukbokki~~~

went for mango dessert too~ Shui Liu Shan as I have mentioned in my blog before^^ 
thanks for my babe for this lovely dessert XD

n I gt the chance to have a look at the MICKEY MOUSE expo~~~~=DDD
thought I ll miss it since this event is kind of happening 2 weeks ago...when I was busy preparing for my final exam... they moved the expo to the top floor...not so happening anymore but then these mouse are still cute n lovely!^^

p/s: leaving Msia later^^ looking forward to my family trip =) I promise I ll update my blog as often as I can in this semester break^^

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