Saturday, April 21, 2012

farewell seniors!

picture taken by Hann's new instax mini 25... ^^ love the effect of instax camera... I once hope n wish that I could have one coz it is so damn cool n nice! but then, whenever I thought of the expensive films... aikz... better to forget this camera... I would rather have a DSLR camera... XD
anyway, yesterday was our dear seniors farewell party, organised by our gang... the organisers are Ida n Bel cause we were kind of busy with moot thingy before this.. the farewell turned out to be more like our batch meet ups with juniors...(><) anyway, we had a great time! ll miss the seniors a lot after this! can't believe I am going to be the super duper senior after this semester.... time really flies!

p/s: we headed to House Bar after the farwell.. with our batchmates, juniors n Ray senior^^

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Corrinne The Great said...

awww.. stalking your blog hahahahahaha <3 <3