Tuesday, April 17, 2012

earcap 2

lost my previous earcap....hehe... the ice-cream cutie
now, a new lovely ribbon from babe^^
n I changed my BB cover too! the most satisfy cover that I have found so far-purple n formal style
got it at Malacca, Pahlawan Mall....

btw, I am back to uni d... busy life since I am back
spent one whole day in the library to settle my memorial for internal moot competition
from 10am-930pm
then, continue with the memorial at mall till 2+am then lastly, completed it in my room at 4am....
zZzzzzz..... well, it is done n handed up!
the moot ll b on next week! gayao!
lots of assigns waiting to be done too!
Imma gonna be a gd gal by staying in the library...XD

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