Wednesday, June 30, 2010

laSt pOst aboUt pAris

been delaying my post about Paris...
so, this is the last one =)
the last day = rainy day
super bad weather......

the little hotel I have been staying for 4 nitez....

spent the day at Montmartre~
a very nice, serene place.........n lots of artists there !

this road caught my attention as it is fulled with people !

walked till the end.... n this is wat I get^^
no wonder there are lots of people there =)
Basilique du Sacre-Coeur
a church located on top of a hill=)


and the view from there~~~~
if it's not raining, you can see the city of Paris =)

tea break~~~~ yummy~~~ yum yum~~~~~

my lunch~~~~ bread again~~~~ XD
well~ I am a bread lover too~ so, ll nvr sick of them^^

*munch munch*
visited a special place after lunch~~~~
found this place at last !!!!
Le Passe-muraille
a statue by Marcel Ayme
cute =)

Le Bateau Lavoir
a place where lots of famous artists n poets stay before^^

Place du Tertre
most crowded place at Montmartre
a place where lots of artists gathered at during the 19th century~~~~
now... it is also full with artists^^

but then the painting are kinda expensive~~~
thus, unable to bring any of it home...=(

lots of Coffee shop =)
n I love this scene so much~~~~
it's really relaxing....
a cold weather, fresh air....
sitting there with a cup of coffee... observing passerby...

basically, the 3rd day went on slowly n nicely...
shopped for some souvenirs...
enjoyed the Paris rain XD
had a French style dinner~~~~~
with a glass of white wine^^
Love wine =)

name of the restaurant ~ Palace Cafe

happy n excited me~
can't wait for the dinner~~~~

bro's lamb chop~~~~
slurrrppp~~~~~ BIG portion!!!!

n this is MINE....=.=
mussels.... damn it.... I should have know what is mussels.....
I ordered the wrong food.....
I DON'T EAT mussels.....T.T
dinner ruined...... sob sob......
such a big pot !

ewww... I HATE IT......
I ate only 10+ of it....
wanna puke !
I rather eat bread.... =(

so, this is my supper =)
Nutella crepe ^^

END of Paris trip~~~~~
=) pretty city, lots of cuties..... XD
I love a vacation without tour guide ^^

au revoir =)

"are you aware of what you make me feel, baby?
right now I feel invincible to you
like I am not real... " Avril~

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