Thursday, November 27, 2008

sAme plAce diffErent accompAnies

spent the noon @ mcd again~
but tiz time with Daph n Ong~
2 of my gd old friends...
Daph was busy wif her assignments~
while Ong with her SPM preparation~
but then, since we didn't meet each other 4 quite sum time~
ended up, we chatted a lot~
or shall i say arguing a lot~ =.=
but then, i still managed to do my revision~
better than being at home...
i ll surely wasted my time on tv,sleeping,surfing net,listening to songs etc...
back home at 7.15pm
kinda tired~

oh ya~ when Ong met me~
the first thing she said is~
"why r u looking so pale ? "
"seems like no energy......"
=( really arr ? sigh~
it is all bcoz of the exam.....
actually, i sleep be4 12pm almost every day~
especially if there's paper the next day~
perhaps it is the stress tat made me turning like tiz~

something running in my mind now~
Elaine is going to US tiz sunday~
so, there's a farewell party tmr nite~
i m wondering... should i go ?
everyone is going~
the pro is~
since i dun knoe how to drive~
i got follow 1 of their car~
i might need to b home late~
my parents ll surely "kill" me~
besides, feeling a bit guilty~ ^^
cause i m hanging out again even though i m having exam now
but~ she is flying away o !
ll surely miss her a lot~


CLF said...

goto the farewell, or you'll regret not going it.

for me, exam << friendship hahah.

chocz-dreamland said...

i ll surely regret~
hmm~ ll ask permission 1st....