Monday, November 10, 2008

PROSTAR farewell

went 2 school in de noon to attend PROSTAR n PRS farewell lunch~
took bus wif Lina~
really lazy to go~
but then, we hav ad paid RM10 4 it~

be4 tat~
went to the teacher's office to do smthg~
met our teachers n they were wondering y r we at school~
especially Miss Doremon^^

back 2 the farewell~
venue : Kafe Seri
time : 1.20pm

those catering students cooked 4 tiz farewell~
anyway~ quite a boring farewell~
cause we went there to eat only~
didn't communicate much with those lwr 6 since i m nt tat close with them~
so, chatted wif sum Upper 6 friends only~

we had nasi briyani~
overall, the food r nice~

catering students in white uniforms~
it is a buffe style lunch~

those were wat i ate~

the desserts~ like the bread cream puffs^^

n there goes~
pic of my friends enjoying their food~
tiz is anan~

tiz is Lina~ trying to cut the chicken~

n Bob~
who is abnormal 2day~
cause he can't finish his food~

pic of me n Lina~
camwhore~ =p
it was actually a hot day~
i was sweating~

n we got a souvenir-keychain~
much more better than the MT6 keychain~


oh ya~ not enough drink r being provided~
we have to buy ourself a drink after lunch~ >.<

tat's all~
after buying stationaries 4 exam~
Lina n I went home by bus~


Anonymous said...

prs...i love it..
n those food look like delicious

by arwen

chocz-dreamland said...

u can leave comment at last~ ^^
yep~ not bad~ quite yummy~ ^^