Monday, December 1, 2008

bIg aPple~

another comment tat i m looking pale~
>.<" so, smthg to release my stRess !
2 make myself happy~ hehe~
there goes~
BIG APPLE is having a new ouTlet in Mines Shopping Fair~
have u tried it ? lots of ppl r dying for it~

so, siNce i have to do revision @ home~
"begged" my parents to buy me haLf dozen of big apple donuts~

nice box~
these donuts ll cheer me up~
cause~ i m a sweet tooth =p
anyway, it is RM11.50 for half a dozen(without tax) ^^

from top~ Go Nutz, Hawaii Five-O, Mango Tango, Cheoreo, American Almond n The Alien~

Hawaii Five-O is one of the new donuts flavours,
it has some apple in de middle with chocolate surrounding~
Cheoreo~the donut is topped with Oreo powder~ ^^
American Almond is very nice o~ white chocz n crunchy almonds on the top~

so, i can only describe 3 of them since i ate 3 only~
my bro ate The Alien~
n it is really luring me~
once he bite, there's chocz flowing out 4rm de middle of de donut~
chocz lover ll surely yearn 4 it !

overall~ the donuts r quite nice~
soft inside, sweet outside~

p/s : don't eat 2 much~ gain weight easily~

actually, J.Co Donuts n Big Apple Donuts r very similar~
but then, i prefer J.Co more~ i think it is nicer~
but since Big Apple has more outlets, it is easier for me to get it^^

opps~ i m going to drool~
i ll go for u again soon~ ^^


CLF said...

delicious donuts..... :P
why not pose a pic with you eating one? lol

chocz-dreamland said...

hmmm~ i ll do tat next time^^