Friday, December 5, 2008

<< oUt Out ouT~....

update 4 yest~
so, as i have planned....
i m really out of the house for almost de whole day

rite after the macro paper ended,
went to KFC with Patient class~
they r having their class party there~
so wat am i doing there ?
really busybody....>.<"""
no larh~
actually, i need to wait for Lina 2 change her clothes~
so, joined them while waiting 4 her^^
n at the same time~
their class r very generous~
thus, i got a free lunch~
but then, i m nt greedy k ?
i ate a drumstick n a drink only~
n gave the burger to Lina~

the 'MCA' n 'MIC' in Patient class except of Farid(left)
these r 'UMNO'....
n together they r 'BN'....
tat's their class theory~

Mages n Vjaya playing wif food~

n this is their cake~
i think it is very nice o~
it's blueberry cake~

to MV after tat~
hmm~ my MV craze is starting to cum back~
5 of us~ Lina, Des, Ester, Prisha n me~

camwhore with Lina in de cinema~
but my eyes r nt looking to de camera...??

hmm~ a long queue at MV(movies)....
Madagascar 2 is sold out for de 3.15pm ticket~
so, we decided to go for Bolt~
which is a super duper nice movie !!!!
Bolt(dog) is very cute !!!
Rhino(hamster) is also very cute !!!!
didn't expect it to b so nice n funny~
we laughed a lot~ n de loudest i guess
cause Ester said the front row kept on turning back to look at us~
Opps... hehe~ sorry lo~
we need to release stress~
feeling very relieve after de exam~

jingle bell jingle bell~~~~
Xmas is coming~
like the deco at MV~ ^^
pretty rite ?

n there're some performance~

took some pics^^
Lina n me~

tat's Des n me~

hmm~ the pic wif Ester is too dark n i decided nt to upload it~
a closer look to the Xmas tree~
i really love Xmas tree a lot~
just like how much i love chocz^^
so pretty rite ?
(p/s: wanna beg my parents to get 1 4 me @ home....)
is tat a "lolipop" up there ?? cute~
hope tat i ll have a very nice Xmas eve tiz year~ ^^
must enjoy as much as i can~
don't want it to b like last year~

hmm~ i dun know wat is tiz~
but it is a cute wooden puppet~

so, we have some walk in the mall~
bought the class souvenir~
which is cheap, nice n memorable~
Ester said so~ ^^
show u the souvenir next week ya~
my class farewell is on next Thurs~ ^^

KTM was damn crowded~
we can't get into the 1st train~
n the 2nd one, 3 of us made it only~
i ll nt go home so soon n suffer in the free "sauna" in de train if i don't have 2 attend a party @ nite^^
terpaksa suffer lorh~

bye to STPM~
n i ll surely miss the schooling times~
say bye to school uniforms~

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