Wednesday, December 10, 2008

gaLS outing....

went to Mines with 3 of my gal frenz 2day~
Bin, Phui2 n Michiko~

1st, Bin n Michiko wanna get a present 4 their tuition teacher~
thus, we went in to almost every clothing shop~
i realize tat there r lots of changes in Mines~
more shops n looks much more better now~
after walking here n there 4 quite sum time~
they decided to buy the shirt in Nichii Fashion City~
n ME... being caught by them to b experiment...
got to try those shirts...

hmm~ spotted a new shop~
KITCHEN~ but it is not selling utensil, turner.... bla bla bla...
it is selling clothings~ =) cute name....
n their clothings r quite nice~
too bad~ i didn't bring extra $$$ to do shopping 2day~
i ll come back 1 day =p

Xmas tree there~

we went to watch Twilight~
a movie I am looking forward since i have started to read it's novel by Stephanie Meyer~ ^^
Oww... such a nice movie~
de movie is like what i have imagined~
such a romantic n lovely vampire story~
love the novel more n more^^
but i am still searching 4 the 4th book(can't get it in MV MPH) =(

had our late lunch in Sushi King~
~i love sushi~

green tea~
actually, i m kinda anti-tea =p

a bowl of noodles with de tempura~
the noodles r quite nice~
it tasted like the rubber band.. lol ~
i mean it has elasticity....

n sushi as extra side order~
yummy !!!!
was very full o !
( cause i ate a box of regular popcorns in de cinema..=.=)

went to do some "aunty" shopping after tat~
hehe~ i mean buying groceries...
cause Phui2 wanna make desert n have to buy some ingredients...
i have forgotten to bring the pasta recipe i jot down from the TV programme~
so just accompany her only~

tired day duh~
home at 6pm++

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