Friday, December 5, 2008


tiz is nite~
exhausted when i m home~
took a bath n prepared to go out again~
went there with Bin~
venue : Wong Kok~
it's Lulu's farewell- she is going to Bentong 4 studies~
n also for Yea Li's birthday celebration~

smthg happened~
Bin lost the parking ticket~
almost like wanna cry~
so, both of us kept on searching for it on the road~
n at last, she found it beside her seat... aiyo~
luckily~ b careful next time ya~

had my light dinner there~
juz a sandwich~
besides of being a chocz lover i m also a bread lover~ keke~

n tat's my drink~
do u think it looks nice ?
it has a very dreamy name -- Cinderella
but u ll regret if u order it~
i didn't finish drinking it~
my frenz said it tasted like Vitamin drink~ lol~
i swear i ll not simply order drinks next time~
better to stick to some normal drinks like fruit juice~

there goes the birthday cake~
Lychee cake~
not bad~ quite Yummy too~
it's a cake from King's bakery~

so, a pic of us~ ^^
good friends from SMKSK~

Sze Ee n I accompanied Yea Li to the car park~
cause she is driving alone~
it was ad 11 smthg~
n tat's SCARY !!!!
the lift is dark~
n the car park has only 3 cars~
n the lights r dim~
tat's why....
as a gal~
better not to park our car in the mall's carpark lot~
it's scary when u r going home late~
goose bumps~

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