Saturday, December 6, 2008

D2 at laSt

5 D 2 gathering @ MV~
The Manhattan Fishmarket(MFM)

went 2 MV earlier with Jenny~
met up frenz from Bio class....
takIng pic with Xmas tree again =)

tat's KYin~ pretty gal~

then, walk around n did some shopping b4 i met up with those F5 mates~
MV is very crowded~ making me a bit dizzy~

very gd frenz~ ^^ Me, Kyee, Ivy, Ban n Dan

n the gathering starts~ ^^
MFM~ my 1st time to dine there~

the menu--->
kinda pricey.....
I ordered Baked fish n garden herbs(Dory fish) + a glass of ice lemon tea
tiz is Manhattan Fish n Chips
smthg about the food~
they r surely in very big portion~
n I am nt able to finish it~ >.<
should have share it with someone~
cause all of us(gals) can't finish it~

the Dory fish is quite nice~
but i think it is quite salty(de herbs)
the Fish n Chips~ also Dory Fish~ it kinda oily~
but then, overall the meal is worth for the price~

a successful gathering at last~
after we left the F5 life 4 2 years~
happy to meet all the ex classmates again~
nice chat nice night~

the long table~
even though we r still seperated into 2 groups
(juz like last time)
but it's nice that almost everyone came~

monitor, Ysun, me, Ivy

Ivy, Ban, Ang, Kishen, JYow, CYee, San~

KYee, KWai, KarY. Jenny,
JXian(didn't meet him at all since i left SK) , YSun n me~

Pony n me~
classmates in F4~

the guys-YHee n Keong~

JYow, CYee, San , me~lots of pics~



KWai n me~

ZJian n me~

they gave me a hand 4 tiz gathering~ =)

the bill~ kinda shocking~ lol~
20 of us..

after the dinner~ a group went away~
others~ heading to the centre of MV for pic taking~

funny pose~
too bad~ i don't know why i didn't focus from top to toe~
i thought i did~ =(
the place with lots of Xmas tree~
tall n huge.....
we sat on the stairs in the centre of the whole deco~
n pic taken by passerby~
hmm~ kinda embarrassing....
cause everyone was looking at us~
those from the top floor were also looking @ us~
shy le.....

then, to The Gardens~

n meet up with Kam~ pity gal~
she was late n can't find us at MFM~

nice Xmas deco at there too^^

didn't meet Kam for quite some time~ =)
thought she ll nt turn out in tiz gathering....

some photo shots in The Gardens~

Then, we decided to go for 2nd round in a sudden~
cause Lip didn't come 4 the gathering~
so, we went to Sri Petaling's Sweet Bean~
met the group that went away after dinner~
+ Des, Lip n Man

didn't take pic~
cause we hang @ there 4 a while only~
nice restaurant with nice desserts~
ll blog about it when i go there again next time....
the dessert i ordered~
hmm~ kinda sweet n i didn't finish it....

thanks Dan for the ride~
home b4 12pm~
but i slept at 3 smthg~ cause...
need to edit n pick these photos~...

it's really a nice nite...
looking forward to another gathering~
but.. dunno when~ =)


Mun Yee said...

wah so nice..
i wonder when my class gathering will be...
the previous 1 is years ago

Anonymous said...

good shoot....xD...
i so stress to organize the gathering now...
hear a lot of comment from my classmate...
hope k successful like u ....xD

by arwen

Anonymous said...

yeah thanks ah seah, overall of dis dis gathering vry good, i gv 90 marks, the rest is bcoz sum of the classmate dint attend.
hope have dis moment next time too !!

Anonymous said...

yeah thanks ah seah, overall of dis dis gathering vry good, i gv 90 marks, the rest is bcoz sum of the classmate dint attend.
hope have dis moment next time too !!

by matthew

chocz-dreamland said...

MunYee, ^^ arwen ll surely organize it very soon
Arwen, yeah~ don't worry... u ll surely make it success=)
Matthew, welcome~ =)i m happy about it too~

CLF said...

Class gathering just like that? O_o
like so few ppl to me de.... how many person in one class actually?

ban said...

thanks seah for organising this! ^^
It was a good effort tho, at least it's better than last time. =X
So.. when will be our next time hah? =P

chocz-dreamland said...

CLF, ya... almost everyone make it.. about 30 i think....

Ban, next time? next year.. ur turn to be organizer=p