Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fInal gO~

the day is coming~
very soon~ =)
last paper tmr morning~
it's macro paper~
n i ll gain my freedom again after 11am sharp~
haha~ cum on~ cheer 4 me !!!
lots of planning 4 tmr noon n also nite~
hmmm~ so i can only picked sum to enjoy~
>.< i can't b tat greedy~
can't make myself appear in different places @ de same time rite ?
so, it's gotta b a busy n tired day too~

it's my way of releasing stress n being crazy~
staying @ home is actually like staying in "jail"...
erm~ a better "jail" larh...
cause it is much more comfortable~
er... izzit too much ?
why am i describing my house as a "jail"...
actually~ i do love my house~
but i don't like staying in it 24 hours a day~
i love it but don't like staying in it~
confusing huh ? :s
arh~ whatever~
de main point is juz---->
MUZ NOT GO HOME till i m tired =p
i m nt the type tat ll go home n sleep or have a gd rest rite after tiz crazy+stu+stressful+headache+tired+taking life exam~
am i typing too much ?
tired of reading?
yeah~ i m~
better stop now~
or else, u r going to b tired of me~
n hate me~ =.="
aikz~got to date with my books again~
last date~
i ll try to enjoy tiz date okay ?
~ last time o !!!!
yeah yeah~
wish me luck ya~

1 comment:

CLF said...

Look forward for the final paper! :D
Soon it'll be over. :)