Friday, December 5, 2008


tat's de time i slept yesterday~
did some souvenirs 4 2day's form 5 class gathering~
cause i m de organizer~
am i too free ?
making myself so busy rite after exam.... :s

juz a simple sort of like bookmark~
but it took me > 2 hours~
hope they ll appreciate it~ even though it is nt tat lovely~

during exam i sleep early~
when de exam has ended, i sleep late pulak~

wanna express abit about my STPM~
it is really de 1st time I m being so serious in my studies~
be4 tat, PMR n SPM~
I was always playing n dreaming~
n nt really serious to prepare 4 them~
but tiz time... it's really different~ i know it~
cause i feel de stress~
sumtimes, i ll feel like crying~
i have tried my best in it~
hope that the results ll not turn me down~
tiz exam is juz like the key tat opens the future door 4 me~
n i hope it ll cum out to b the best key~

now~ my holiday starts~
the fun starts~
i need to plan wat to do~
any idea ?
most important~
i need to get my car license~ really need it !!!!


after seventeen said...

happy holiday...your stpm finished good

chocz-dreamland said...

ya~ at last~
very happy about it~ ^^