Friday, October 31, 2008

cHean n dAson + HallowEen~

a nite out~

went to PITSTOP cafe~
a birthday celebration for Chean n Dason~
there r a few ghost outside of the cafe~
got to b knocked by their "hammer" be4 going in~ >.<""
there goes a pic of dason~

Elaine n me~ the pic is kinda dark~

aunty ong ( standing), Elaine n Blacky~
both Elaine n Blacky kept on fighting~

there goes the proof~ =p
don't ya hav notty thinking ya~
they r actually juz fighting~

Blacky n Jia Yen~

Daphne talking on the phone~

Ong enjoying her drink~

3 guys @ another corner~
from left, yee song, hao you n hon lin~

yee song was really enjoying duh~

a pic of me n dason~

another pic wif the bufday boy~
i wonder why my cam can't take nice pic at nite~

a pic with daphne aka my dear~ at last~
her smile is so WIDE~

nice present rite ?
tat's a present for Melissa by Daphne~
same birth date as both Mel n Dason r twins~

for chean's bufday, a very nice bracelet~
n for dason~ a pink formal shirt~

a pic of the lamp in the cafe~
made from bottles~

photo taking time~
shot 1~
shot 2 ~ almost the same pose~ ^^

Chean came at last~
a pic of me n chean~gd frenz~
yesterday is her birthday~

another pic of us~
she is a primary school teacher~ =)

n here comes the birthday cake for both of them~
sang a birthday song 4 each of them~
the cake is bought by Pui Ling~

Chean n Dason~ looking happy~

chean, the pretty gal with her cake~
with her sweet smile~

wat r them doing with the cake ???

n lastly~ a family photo of us~
another gathering for us ( scouts) =)
always being crazy n happy~

the cafe is fulled with ppl 2 nite~
very crowded !
i guess it's bcoz everyone wanna celebrate halloween ?
their waiters n waitress r with ghostly make up~
but then, their service is nt tat gd~
we ordered juz some food n drinks~
but they r ad feeling confusing~

went home at 10.15pm~
daph sent me~ thanks gurl~
gt to b home early since tmr ll hav to attend tuition n seminars~
i think they r still enjoying @ there now~ ^^

happy birthday~


天狼星 Ivanov said...

happy birthday to them and happy halloween~~

'wide' smile, i am said...

wide...? was my icon. =D