Thursday, October 30, 2008

kUih deepa 2~

since i m staying in a residential area with multi ethnics~
received another 2 "sets" of kuih deepa 4rm my neighbours~
let ya hav a look~

juz sum common cookies/biscuits~
the murukku is cripsy n kinda hard~
4 those wif colourful paper
~ puny n lina taught me it's pronunciation~ nei urundei


these r the 2nd set~
these murukku n achi murukku r softer n crunchy compared with the above~

flower butter biscuits, chocz almond n chocz cookies~

all these cookies r homemade, tat is why they tasted differently^^

even though it is not my festival celebration~
seems like i m enjoying a lot too~ =p

one of the benefits of staying in msia~

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