Tuesday, October 28, 2008

diwali visit~

my deepa visit~^^
went to puny's house @ last~
lina drove there~
wif the clueless map drew by puny,
we managed to reach her house safely =p

puny hav to bring us to her house as we can't find the lift...>.<"" hav a look at her "punjabi" suit~ she wore tat purposely for us o~ ( although she denies it~ )
u r very pretty~ ^^

greeted by tiz pretty "kolam" @ her house door~
made by puny~
nice rite ?
next, welcomed with lots of diwali biscuits ~
chit chatting~
n chewing biscuits~
like the murrukku a lot~
saw the black doughnut there.. again~
lina told me it's name, but i hav forgotten~
she said tiz one is nice o~
but i dare not to try it~ ^^

then, had the indian style lunch~
there r curry chicken, dalcha, cucumber wit chilies n mutton curry...
orange juice as the drink~
cooked by her mum~ thanks a lot aunt~

tat's wat i ate for the 1st round~
like the dalcha a lot~
holds with treasure of green, like potatoes~
it's made wif dhall, a gd accompaniment to the rice~^^
n the most important thing 2 me, it's not spicy ! ^^
the mutton curry is also not bad~
curry chicken is delicious too~
BUT, made me sneezing~ >.<""
cause it's too SPICY for me~ ^^
~ i m nt a spicy lover~
i ate a lot~
cause overall, they r yummy
~ but kinda spicy lor~

after tat, continued wif our chit chatting~
n i was chewing biscuits again~ =p
spent 2 hours @ her house~
appreciate everything puny n her family prepared 4 both of us~ ^^
took sum pic~

puny n lina~
lina was wearing churidaal suit~

puny n me~
we teased her~
cause neither her mum nor dad is tiny~
but she is very tiny~
going to b thumberlina =p
juz kidding~

me n lina~

n we wanted to take a pic wif 3 of us~
puny's mum said cannot take pic wif only 3 ppl o~
nt good~

me : where's ur teddy bear ?
bring him/her along wif us....
puny : don't hav teddy......
lina : ask ur mum to join us
puny : mum said she dunwan....
puny's mum : cum on gals~
take pic wit tiz ~

n ended up~
behind us, beside me~ c it ?
we took a pic with the cute FISHY .....
her bro snapped the pic @ the moment the fish is beside me~ ^^
lol~ a cute memory~

got the 1st purple "pau" in my life ^^
thanks uncle~
n wif it is a cute chain from lina~
she went to perak for diwali celebration~
n thought of me~ so sweet rite ?^^
n it's in pink~ my fav colour besides of purple =)

oh ya~
lina said, she almost letupkan herself by playing with the fireworks~
dangerous !!!!

wanna share smthg~

~on the way home~

me : did u hear lots of meriam noises yesterday nite ?
lina : huh ?! nope... lol..... (can't stop laughing)
me : ???? ....
oH... not meriam rite ? lol~
lina : it's mercun la gurl~ meriam is the weapon for war~

n we kept on laughing~
=.= "" wat happened to my BM~ gosh~

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