Thursday, October 30, 2008

iN luv with Jay~

lucky among the unlucky,
but nt lucky among the lucky~
wat am i talking bout~ >.<""
got my JAY'S ALBUM at last~
bought it on wed be4 i went to Yakin PA last tuition class~

i managed to get a poster~ juz look like the album's cover~
can't get the poster with Jay in clown style~ T.T
tat cashier don wan to it give me~ sob~
anyway, tiz is the last album in "pop" for the moment~

the booklet with lyrics inside~

a CD n a DVD~
i love tiz album a lot !
there's a song which makes me almost drop tears ! =p
which is --> 说好的幸福呢

there r a total of 11 songs ~
n i like almost all of them~
u got to listen to his songs !!!


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